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More suggestions



Artillery/ships should attack every 5 minutes and anti-air should scan every 2 minutes



Announcement SEASON 7 TEASER



All I want for Christmas ...


Second Cannae

Motorized infantry mortar damage



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  • GeneralLangmoen -

    Replied to the thread More suggestions.

    Empire game mode where all countries Are insanely big
  • Colonel Waffles -

    Posted the thread More suggestions.

    After hours of pondering, I have come to a dreadful conclusion I am out of ideas to suggest in the forums This is an avengers-level threat. I need to constantly supply suggestions but if I run out of ideas the entire system falls apart. That is why I…
  • Quote from Seroslav: “Of course not. If you use patrol, you can attack a unit inside of AA range and your aircraft gets 0 damage from the AA. You dont know this basic mechanic? Simply learn how to use aircrafts first. No wonder you dont use them, as…
  • Smallsword -

    Replied to the thread SEASON 7 TEASER.

    I'm excited about landmines. The strategic retreat opportunities... I hope they can be research/built in the early game, when ground vs. ground is more likely.
  • Day 20 all depends on which country i am. If i am an island nation, by day 20. 20 Frigates will have secured me the entire ocean. 3 Ballistic missile submarines 15 Infantry Then ill be deciding how to best proceed. If i am jungle landbased, ill…
  • Aeneas of Troy -

    Replied to the thread SEASON 7 TEASER.

    I wonder if the mines are stealth? Provided they are economically sound, luring unsuspecting rushers to become fireworks sounds interesting
  • Second Cannae -

    Replied to the thread All I want for Christmas ....

    I'll bring popcorn!
  • crazystoner -

    Replied to the thread Motorized infantry mortar damage.

    Despite them revealing themselves and actively attacking naval units. They do ZERO damage to naval units. They do how ever annihilate Tanks, IFV, and literally anything and everyone on the ground that doesn't have a single point in attack range. They…
  • crazystoner -

    Replied to the thread Let's Discuss "Piercing the AA Bubble" Again.

    There are a few options when it comes to piercing the AA bubble. First and foremost is sending in say a fighterjet, you circle the target to trigger the AA. As soon as it triggers, you unleash a bunch of cruise missiles. Because cruise missiles can…
  • GeneralLangmoen -

    Replied to the thread Rail and Train Transport.

    You have that. Its called «military logistics»