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Challenge: Solo - No Navy (HARD)



Organic warfare/new mode/rework



Suggestion for game mode


colonel ace

еще вопрос по механике



WHATS THIS Blood and Oil?



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  • Evidential -

    Replied to the thread Challenge: Solo - No Navy (HARD).

    Melliodas Gaming: ok cool Wins as Germany solo (with the only exception being the transports) "Win with no airforce" Melliodas Gaming: alright Defeats the entire African coalition as Morocco solo without using airforce
  • WalterChang -

    Replied to the thread Organic warfare/new mode/rework.

    Quote from The Pale Rider: “Or maybe watch an Internet Ad and you get 1 VP? That would be awesome! ” You used to be able to get Gold by doing that in Supremacy1914. Germany invades France; France fills in a couple of market research surveys; France…
  • colonel ace -

    Replied to the thread Suggestion for game mode.

    Hey, my suggestion is special forces should be able to go behind enemy lines and seize airfields, this should be an exception to the can't capture territory
  • booombooom -

    Replied to the thread еще вопрос по механике.

    На обоих.
  • _Pyth0n_ -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread Challenge: Solo - No Navy (HARD).

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    south america sucks when you want to expand... Only country that slowed me down more was Australia. It took ages to get fresh troops to the spots where the fighting party i Happened. Coming back to Bolivia. Different to Belarus where you can just…
  • dohteM -

    Posted the thread еще вопрос по механике.

    если допустим авиация имеет урон по пехоте и технике и атакует сборный отряд пехоты и техники наноситься оба вида урона и пехоте и технике или только один?
  • Opulon -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread "National guard is good" my ass.

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    sending them to combar is wasting them Thats what your damage dealer are fir. NG is for landgrabbing far from any action...such as brazilian jungle, canadian wasteland or russian tundra. Yo dont wanne waste precious ressources on this but you need to…
  • kurtvonstein -

    Replied to the thread WHATS THIS Blood and Oil?.

    Same game type as tising tides. You have victory sides snd need to kick ass
  • kurtvonstein -

    Replied to the thread Join the CoN League!.

    I dont get it...but I dont use you annouce game numbers on discord that are not visible otherwise in the game?
  • kurtvonstein -

    Replied to the thread "National guard is good" my ass.

    you got the point. I call them alltogether landmines.