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What is better? Nuclear or Chemical?



ghosts naval contacts



What are undead doing with their ressources?


Dealer of Death

From my latest game ...


Rozne Eltobliv

Naval radar contact not showing right


Dealer of Death

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  • sundance175 -

    Replied to the thread What is better? Nuclear or Chemical?.

    Quote from hiloooo: “In a game, I was researching nukes, and I was wondering, what is the point of nuclear, if you could just research chemical? Chemical is much cheaper. There has to be a reason for nuclear. ” It depends on what you are attacking.
  • Quote from sundance175: “It would be bad for the game imo. anything that promotes spamming is not so great for the game ” This is just for fun . I don't say that this should be added . That won't be very nice imo

    Liked A Jolly Rodger’s post in the thread The Ability to rename games on your homescreen.

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    Yeah, i have 17 going on right now. I just wanted to be able to name them.

    Liked Brooklyn Babe’s post in the thread The Ability to rename games on your homescreen.

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Yes, Devs you must waste resources re-coding to accomplish what could be done with a slip of paper and a pen. [/sarcasm] ” Do you code? I do. It’s a rather cheap, trivial to code, zero risk feature with a huge quality…

    Liked A Jolly Rodger’s post in the thread The Ability to rename games on your homescreen.

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    Hey Team, I think it would be pretty neat if we could edit the name of our games in our dashboard. OR have it give more detail. So if youre in 4-6 games at once you dont need to click on all of them to see what you were doing or to find a game that you…
  • kurtvonstein -

    Replied to the thread ghosts naval contacts.

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  • SROL -

    Posted the thread ghosts naval contacts.

    Im pursuing ghosts and launching missiles at them just to discover there is nothing over there also they show up even outside radar or sensor range. see pic below
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