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Rank - Money


Dealer of Death

Your Enemies Alliance (заявки на битву/challenge requests)


Your Enemies Alliance (заявки на вступление)


Tip of the Day: Troop "Jumping":



When is WWZ gamemode coming back?


Gen. Grievous

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  • Teburu -

    Liked Buckeyechamp’s post in the thread make it sandbox-endless.

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    maybe its me but once someone goes beyound 2 paragraphs stop reading.. and object is to conquer the world.. how in the hell would you have an endless game after i conquer worlds.. go take mars? so you come on to a game and want to make it a game you…
  • Dealer of Death -

    Replied to the thread Rank - Money.

    Quote from Stratieon: “Quote from EPICNOOB2.0: “I cannot stress how horrendously bad what taras said, like being level 60 should mean you've played for a bunch of time and usually decently skilled not "i spent 50 dollars and yeyeye level 60" Also at…
  • Dealer of Death -

    Liked Buckeyechamp’s post in the thread Where is your nick from?.

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Mine was just a matter of exhaustion. I really wanted to be Archon Prime, but it was taken. The Overlord, but it was taken. etc. etc. etc. After a multitude of trying all the cool names I could come up with (You see, no…
  • Команда Your Enemies приглашает испытать свои силы в элитной битве альянсов всех желающих с эло-рейтингом выше 1000. Форма заявки: 1. Полное…
  • Your Enemy -

    Posted the thread Your Enemies Alliance (заявки на вступление).

    Your Enemies - это мультигейминговая команда, которая ставит своей целью вывести ру/укр-язычное сообщество на новый уровень игры. Наш девиз -…
  • Zemunelo -

    Replied to the thread Tip of the Day: Troop "Jumping":.

    You don't have to delay, just click stop button and if you're bellow 5 minutes till the center you will conquer the province / city and "jump" to the center. Maybe in bigger provinces you can "jump" more. I can assume that it is because of two…
  • 737373elj -

    Liked Stratieon’s post in the thread Ship through channel at ISTANBUL.

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    Quote from Buckeyechamp: “i dont believe ships are visible there unless radar or line of sight unit within range. ” Yep, this is what I’ve experienced in the similar situation at the Malacca Strait between mainland Southeast Asia and the Western…
  • 737373elj -

    Liked Dealer of Death’s post in the thread When is WWZ gamemode coming back?.

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    Both the WWZ games I played (the very first public one where the zombies all moved like the Flash with 6 cups of coffee) and a later 1st nerfing game were unmitigated disasters where the zombies conquered the world. This was because, especially in the…