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What is the State of the Game, Compared to What it Once was?


Im On Smoko

Buy and sell war tools? why not?


continent sugestion


Rozne Eltobliv

Air patrol not engaging naval units



Change username please !



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  • Im On Smoko -

    Replied to the thread What is the State of the Game, Compared to What it Once was?.

    Quote from Opulon: “- Incapable to adapt beyond the novice level : they have learned the Scholar's mate, and it works against 80% of players, so they consider they don't need anything…
  • Melheim -

    Posted the thread Buy and sell war tools? why not?.

    Ability To Buy And Sell War Tools I suggest that players would be able to buy and sell their "best researched" any type of war tools/vehicles (all except any infantry). In this case, Bytro had already set minimum price for each "war tools" to be higher…
  • Rozne Eltobliv -

    Replied to the thread continent sugestion.

    Quote from jemandanderes: “Quote from Rozne Eltobliv: “Australia will still remain Australia ” Well, technically you could argue to call it Oceania and include some other countries, but you are right, that continent would still have basically…
  • Pyth0n -

    Replied to the thread Air patrol not engaging naval units.

    I will assume these ships are frigates. Are the ships for sure in the blue patrol circle? Because maybe the patrol area is smaller than the AA Range. Not sure tho...
  • Geraschenko -

    Liked Germanico’s post in the thread Releasign city or territory ownership.

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    sorry pxlmnrch - no insult intended. I appreciate your open and friendly reply and thus will gladly give you some more insight into the topic. As a matter of fact I've been through this discussion about 50 times before with other COW players, and as you…
  • regulus.j4 -

    Replied to the thread Air patrol not engaging naval units.

    Quote from Pyth0n: “Which air units are they? ” Gunships, Attack helicopters and Naval Patrol Aircraft. Either in squads of their own or mixed, no combo engages automatically.

    Liked Yak’s post in the thread Update - Patch Notes 2107.27.

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    1627383451_news_images_19154.jpg + + + + UPDATE + + + +
    Changes: - Added Low Graphics toggle button for handheld devices [Mobile] - Added text to decontamination information button - Optimized game images on Mobile Client for reduction in Memory…

    Replied to the thread Change username please !.

    Post Hello! Please send a request indicating these three options at this link! Thanks for understanding!
  • gomballwarrior -

    Posted the thread Change username please !.

    Hi I would like to change my username for PC version! my original username is: thisgameistooeasy4me yeah... Preferences: 1. Gom 2. Gomball 3. Gomballwarrior thank you :thumbsup: