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How to make aircraft carrier better?



In defense of Germanico


Terroristic attack scenario



Who exactly is Germanico?



Panama and Suez Canal



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  • Fereyd -

    Replied to the thread How to make aircraft carrier better?.

    Sorry, wrong ;) You can ferry directly. I just tried it... ;)
  • Kalrakh -

    Posted the thread In defense of Germanico.

    I can confirm, that it is able to get Germanico to say Yes, I achieved it at least twice: - getting healing from twice a day to an hourly spread - and together with @Opulon, gaining Elite Challenges for gold free competition You just need good…
  • zneigras -

    Replied to the thread Terroristic attack scenario.

    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from zneigras: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Interesting idea @zneigras but what is your logic/justification for: 7. Lastly, any terrorist attack will be done during the day change. ? I mean if ANY game/map should…
  • Yak -

    Replied to the thread Who exactly is Germanico?.

    Germanico is CEO and founder of Dorado. Quote from Dracula: “Germanico is a bot who says No to every suggestion about improving the game ” Reducing our staff to bots or caricatures is a surefire way of getting yourself banned. If you've been on the…
  • Ulizth -

    Liked Opulon’s post in the thread Got Banned.

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from SavageB3420: “Not sure why, im new to the game dont really know the rules but pretty sure i didnt do anything bad ?( ” Did you ... ... use more than 1 account in the same game? ... use racially discriminatory…
  • Dracula -

    Replied to the thread Panama and Suez Canal.

    Egypt deny entry to suez canal by their naval power.If you are playing as egypt and want enemies not to use suez canal then you should put navy and artillery near it.
  • Ulizth -

    Liked Kalrakh’s post in the thread Naval Healing.

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    There is not friendly and hostile coastal water. As long ships, also transport ships, are in coastal waters and are not fighting, they heal for 2 HP per day. And yes, your units will heal while moving. Hospitals and Naval docks have no influence how…
  • Dracula -

    Replied to the thread Who exactly is Germanico?.

    Germanico is a bot who says No to every suggestion about improving the game. P.S. I also don't like the idea of nerfing MRLs but germanico in general says no to every idea.
  • Ulizth -

    Liked StopThereCowboy’s post in the thread Market Fix.

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    Quote from crazystoner: “Would be cool to offer trades for resources, peace deal for 10000 eletronics. ” I like the idea of peace agreements. At war but need peace? Try and strike up a deal! Gives more power to having unspent recourses, and gives…