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Look through a different Lens - What's your ACTUAL Day 20 Order of Battle (OOB)






Acceptable use of gold



Wolfpackers In Game 4238686


Dealer of Death

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  • Quote from Buckeyechamp: “some how i had 82 units .. but my one suggestion for CoN is a units menu like cities. But representasive but hard tracking all units spread across map. ” 76 seems close enough to 82. However, if you remember what the…
  • Quote from Opulon: “Maybe you could expand a bit your initial setup. . . . Day 20 : 31 cities and 53 units. . . . I think you can start from the principle that anyone that plays a map the minimum it requires has achived around 60 cities and 70 units by…
  • bobqz -

    Liked Dealer of Death’s post in the thread Ending a game.

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    Quote from Tom_Cruise: “Is there any fix to ending a game early when others cannot see the end option? I'm stuck in a dead Battleground USA game with seemingly only 4 active players. 3 have voted to end, the 4th says hes on mobile and can't see the end…
  • Quote from KFGauss: “Quote from Buckeyechamp: “Depends on Map; ... ” Thanks Buckeye About the "Depends on Map" aspect... We agree. Regardless, each/any report of an actual Day 20 OOB (instead of a hypothetical wish list) helps reveal what's…
  • Wishbone1 -

    Replied to the thread Anti-Air.

    Thing is, I've done this dozens, if not hundreds of times and never seen this. I take the damage on my ASF and my NSF only take the damage of defense which is minimal and they are out of range before the cooldown period is over. I'm literally…
  • Teburu -

    Replied to the thread Anti-Air.

    They didn’t change how it works; your percieved understanding of it is simply wrong ofc AA is extremely strong against aircraft; that hard counter is the whole point of it tho 2 frigates killing that many approaching aircraft seems kinda sus; unless…
  • Wishbone1 -

    Posted the thread Anti-Air.

    So, I've used this strategy many times. I use Air Superiority Fighters to attack frigates to initiate the anti-air. The frigates can't attack again for 10 minutes during which time I attack with Navy Strike fighters. I just tried this in a game and…
  • Maybe you could expand a bit your initial setup. Currently, i'm playing a public map that will remain in my own books as one i played with outrageous and shameful inactivity (logged maybe once or two a day). Day 20 : 31 cities and 53 units. Anyone here…
  • KFGauss -

    Replied to the thread Acceptable use of gold.

    If you have Gold piling up and you don't know how to spend it, here's a suggestion. The next time you join a public Day 3 game (to replace someone who dropped out), you will probably have a bunch of resources stockpiled, you probably will be behind on…
  • Dealer of Death -

    Replied to the thread Wolfpackers In Game 4238686.

    Quote from Tom_Cruise: “With Discord in mind, does anyone know why I can't post in it? The comments box is blacked out and the cursor brings up the black circle with line through symbol 8| ” Sure I know, (well sort of*) since every noob to CoN Discord…