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Battle for the best alliance in CON


Play as Russia, very easy lost. Does everyone see it right?



What are undead doing with their ressources?



I Remember When ... (CoN Version)



Naval radar contact not showing right



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  • Taras -

    Posted the thread Battle for the best alliance in CON.

    Graywolf vs SARMATS - Elite Alliance Battle. - 7 to 7 - Gold disabled - 7 days of peace Full video:
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    KUBET Link đăng ký và tải App mới nhất. Đây là kênh của KUBET trên Google nơi cung cấp các link đăng ký đăng nhập và thông tin chính thống mới nhất của KUBET. Tại kênh Google này chúng tôi mô phỏng các…
  • Kranzegrad -

    Replied to the thread Play as Russia, very easy lost. Does everyone see it right?.

    Quote from 737373elj: “Quote from Kranzegrad: “If there has coalition 7x or 10x slots, them it's much easier play it. ” But there isn’t, and that’s part of the challenge of playing it ;) ” That why CoN putting 3x and 5x coalition slots. But i not belive…
  • Kranzegrad -

    Replied to the thread What are undead doing with their ressources?.

    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Kranzegrad: “Last times i bombing hives cities by heavy bomber's to dozens times, but they always build new hives, ai want play with me!? i bombing malaysia and thailand cities, mean while ai build new hives to…
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  • Dealer of Death -

    Liked MrBookShelf’s post in the thread I Remember When ... (CoN Version).

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    I remember when Air Asselt meta, it take no time to land, the whole Europe get capture rapidly in a day. 10x WW3, you look away, you lose. Thailand start with one heavy bomber Someone thing that UAV should be product by lv2 airbase Frigate meta, cheap,…
  • Dealer of Death -

    Replied to the thread What are undead doing with their ressources?.

    Quote from kurtvonstein: “i can asnwer it: Ye you suffer moral penaltie... ” That's F**king stupid! You should have your Morale Go up for bombing or Nuking Zombies!
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  • no idea if japan is a really helpfull ally...i would go with finnland/kazacshstan/ukraine or belarus. If this mean i lose the 1 cities in the pazific coast(which i woudl get back in mid game) then this is acceptable. But the important part is to have…
  • Rozne Eltobliv -

    Liked Dealer of Death’s post in the thread I Remember When ... (CoN Version).

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    Quote from Rozne Eltobliv: “I also remember when I made a navy for very first time . I didn't had any experienced players guiding me in my early games so I didn't really knew how to make some ships . When i did , I was Greece in a Flashpoint . The game…