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Why Buy Ground AA units?



one ip


Announcement SEASON 6 DEPLOYED



My Suggestions


Rozne Eltobliv

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  • corax -

    Replied to the thread Why Buy Ground AA units?.

    I never leave home without my trusty AA guns. Fighters flying CAP are great and all, but once they shoot their load they have to land to rearm. A canny opponent knows how to take advantage of that and bomb you into the stone age. People underestimate AA…
  • huwoluyo -

    Posted the thread one ip.

    hello me and my brother play from one ip and using two pc how we can play safely?
  • ghtt -

    Wrote a comment on Yak’s wall.

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    Hello yak if you have time please dm me ;)
  • ghtt -

    Now follows Yak.

  • ghtt -

    Wrote a comment on Maxim | CM’s wall.

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    Hello may i dm you about something please ;) a lot of my friends are being harassed.
  • ghtt -

    Replied to a comment by ewac123 on ghtt’s wall.

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    Shut up
  • Pyth0n -

    Replied to the thread SEASON 6 DEPLOYED.

    It is on the unit info panel -_-
  • kurtvonstein -

    Replied to the thread SEASON 6 DEPLOYED.

    damage and so on...
  • ewac123 -

    Wrote a comment on ghtt’s wall.

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    Ban now
  • Rozne Eltobliv -

    Replied to the thread My Suggestions.

    Quote from Bleach45: “Quote from Rozne Eltobliv: “no no it is a terrible idea to disable trade ! How will you get immediate resources when you're at war and need to produce a specific building or unit but don't have the resources? I won't really…