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Blacklist (engaging enemy troops)



Current state of Naval


Colonel Waffles

Coalition member who leaves when they have enough VP to win solo


E z 8 tiger212

It is about Making the game more realistic !


Colonel Waffles

Zombie Maps?



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  • zneigras -

    Replied to the thread Blacklist (engaging enemy troops).

    Quote from Dealer of Death: “It seems to me (although I think this feature would come in handy, and I personally could use it to get more uninterrupted sleep) that this while you say "it does not change any aspect of the game in any significant way."…
  • Colonel Waffles -

    Replied to the thread Current state of Naval.

    Never seen an aircraft shot out of the sky by a missile. I think the values are messed up in that regard. CM has a defense value against aircraft (including helicopters??) that is impossible to trigger
  • crazystoner -

    Replied to the thread Current state of Naval.

    I know i've shot my own aircraft down with nuclear cruise missiles, but striking enemy targets with patrolling aircraft above does no damage from my experiance.
  • E z 8 tiger212 -

    Replied to the thread Coalition member who leaves when they have enough VP to win solo.

    yeah because you both were in the game and knew all the adversities that had we had to overcome. Plus when you start off as someone such as Myanmar or Finland you automatically get a quick 501 vp. By day 10 you could easily have acquired a mass well over…
  • Colonel Waffles -

    Replied to the thread It is about Making the game more realistic !.

    Quote from Aggressor X: “That's true But the more the game is realistic The more it grow and become popular and more interesting If it is in my hands I will give every country a special research tree contains its local industry And get the milltray…
  • I will argue this, Units will be OP because the way of countering them is heavily demanding and limited. Having "a way to counter them" does not make it automatically not OP.
  • In the end the most crucial factor remains: Activity of the player, the best setup does not achieve anything, if you are not active enough to use it appropiately.
  • I've met people complaining about unfairness of other players and I just read a thread where people wanted to nerf a certain unit. All of these are my opinions only. 1. The first one is easy to respond. complaining about the unfairness of other players…
  • DOA70 -

    Replied to the thread Zombie Maps?.

    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from DOA70: “I really am curious why the uber long delay in inserting the zombie map into the rotation. Do we have some deeply zombie averse people running the show? Some hard core George A Romero haters in…
  • Quote from zneigras: “Just to make sure, let's avoid turning this into a discussion whether mortar or any other feature is OP or not, because it has already been discussed many times and it's not the purpose of this thread. ” b...b..but we haven't…