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Resource bonus


Стратегия "Черепаха"



How much gold do you use each game and whats the best value purchase



How does retreat work?



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  • Blitzkrieger64 -

    Liked 1733973qaz’s post in the thread Battle of Active.

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    Quote from Aeneas of Troy: “Quote from 1733973qaz: “Let's see... This Plan: August 27: Release Link and Password September 1: Start Game September 4: No New Players Allowed. ” September 11: War declared on rouge state. ” To prevent 9/11, war…
  • Aeneas of Troy -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread BETTER PRO TIP.

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    they even wrote songs to support this: the winner takes it all, ABBA. Some of the older audience here( that cant handle discord) might know them...
  • Aeneas of Troy -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread Battle of Active.

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    in germany we dont calk them rogue or better Terrorists( for this What they are). Our whole media (which seems to have converted to left wing speech and reeducate tool-thanks to 16 years chancillor Merkel) calls them Activists. When I hear this words I…
  • Dracula -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread Bug or a new feature.

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    if its usefull its definitly gone be fixed...maybe a extra release. Together with iceland language support.
  • Teburu -

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  • playbabe -

    Replied to the thread BETTER PRO TIP.

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  • Drony77 -

    Posted the thread Resource bonus.

    Maybe it is well-known feature, but I could not find it in the forum. I noticed that at some point in Public WW3 4x game my components suddenly increased by some 3000 for now reason at all. My order in the market still has 384 components to buy. The only…
  • booombooom -

    Replied to the thread Стратегия "Черепаха".

    Strategy "Turtle" Best opening in any game especially for countries with 5 cities and western doctrine like morocco well suited for those who have not very active online and x4 server :sleeping: in the first 30 minutes: of the national guard of a…
  • arcticfire -

    Replied to the thread How much gold do you use each game and whats the best value purchase.

    Personally, I only use gold that I win in matches, even then rarely. I only spend money on the security council. I would spend a subscription if one existed that let me have access to public games where no gold could be spent but that is off topic. I…
  • dohteM -

    Posted the thread Стратегия "Черепаха".

    Лучшее открытие при любой игре особенно за страны с 5 городами и западной доктриной например морокко хорошо подходит тем у кого не особо активный онлайн и сервер х4 :sleeping: в первые 30 минут: 1.изучение национальной…