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What is 'Bunker Entrenchment'?


Insurgent tweak update - comments and suggestions


Dealer of Death




Suggestion: Automatic ending



Moral and Declaring War



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  • Kranzegrad -

    Posted the thread What is 'Bunker Entrenchment'?.

    Some units have 'bunker icon' > unit ignores hostile target's entrenchment bonuses during combat, including bonuses received from bunkers. What is mean it? ?(
  • Dealer of Death -

    Replied to a comment by Second Cannae on Dealer of Death’s wall.

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    I saw and responded and kept my comments solely related to ideas discussed and I believe I did not escalate, or make personal attacks
  • Dealer of Death -

    Replied to the thread Insurgent tweak update - comments and suggestions.

    Quote from WSBJUNIOR: “Really? Did the kind gentleman feel I was rude? So sorry… I just think clueless people must be treated accordingly. “Fortunately, I still am not taking it personal”… lol What if you were? What difference would it make, man? Come
  • Yak -

    Replied to the thread DEVELOPER DIARY 18: SEASON 6 TEASER.

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  • Dealer of Death -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread DEVELOPER DIARY 18: SEASON 6 TEASER.

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    @crazystoner You wish your fame would be that high...only thing you can do so far is getting Threads closed by bragging around. but that just brings me to a new unit: A Hacker. Ones deployed on enemy territory he is sucking uhm deriving Gold from his…
  • MicahWill -

    Replied to the thread Suggestion: Automatic ending.

    Quote from ewac123: “Germanico already said that there is no auto end so people who invested more into arms industries and stuff get more gold and more fun. I am 90% sure Dorado will come over and say: "Please search in existing threads before posting…
  • MicahWill -

    Liked DOA70’s post in the thread Supplies.

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    Quote from 1878: “Sorry, I don't understand? ” So when you build, for example, a motorized infantry unit, it uses resources to remain in existence. It costs 650 supplies to build, but then also costs 40 supplies every day thereafter. And that cost…
  • playbabe -

    Replied to the thread Insurgent tweak update - comments and suggestions.

    > rebel only spawn at 0:00 > rebel changed to spawn on random time > u show up and suggest "send a notification of the moment when each revolt could have broken out" did i missed something ?
  • ewac123 -

    Replied to the thread Moral and Declaring War.

    This is very, very interesting. I have a lot of respect for you, I hate to say it, but if you are playing blood and oil or rising tides allying with the rebs is the worst u can do... I was france, and I nuked Turkmenistan with primary missiles and…
  • AmericanJedi -

    Wrote a comment on Yak’s wall.

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    Since the last update my map is a completely black screen. I have a lot of time and a few purchases of gold in this game. Can you either help me resolve the issue or issue a refund for the purchases I made on a map I can no longer play on