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Bug or a new feature



red/blue map



Battle of Active



The Beauty of Battleground USA


Why is Austria changed to a 5-city nation from a 6-city one?



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  • Zozo001 -

    Liked Teburu’s post in the thread Armour support for good strategies.

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    Quote from japan samurai: “Are people like Teburu, considered good players? Because i do see them use armoured. ” But I don’t tho?
  • Aeneas of Troy -

    Liked _Pyth0n_’s post in the thread Battle of Active.

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    Quote from Blitzkrieger64: “The truly interested, active, and available will check this topic often enough not to miss out. Just give us a few days warning, please. Thanks! ” Starting date was given out: 1st September. So just keep that in mind and…
  • playbabe -

    Replied to the thread Bug or a new feature.

    I tested yesterday game and it doesn’t work :/
  • vynical -

    Replied to the thread Bug or a new feature.

    Quote from playbabe: “This only occued in old game. New game already been patched. ” Not sure how "new" the games need to be but the one started 3 days ago still have this "bug" which let player start mobilizing troops when the building is at 40%…
  • milkbosa -

    Replied to the thread red/blue map.

    The Slope Game is bound to give you an adrenaline rush and put your reflexes to the test.. The further you get, the faster you go! Easy on sight, extra challenging and fun during the run! For added challenge, the course is randomized each slopes…
  • Blitzkrieger64 -

    Replied to the thread Battle of Active.

    Ah yes. I missed the starting date. I see it now. Thanks!
  • Blitzkrieger64 -

    Posted the thread The Beauty of Battleground USA.

    Try this on BG USA. It was great fun! Line up a friend. Jump into a BG USA map. One guy takes a West coast state. The other guy takes the East coast. Set truce period. During truce, both guys take all they can get until they cross the 1,000 VP…
  • _Pyth0n_ -

    Liked kurtvonstein’s post in the thread 4TH OF JULY SPECIAL EVENT.

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    fast, agressive multiplying like hell. and they did all the dirty work for me. Cleaning up the players that spammed infantry...i loved them.
  • CDRCrimson42 -

    Replied to the thread Why is Austria changed to a 5-city nation from a 6-city one?.

    Because they want to worsen our game experience and see how it plays out. I would have rather paid money for a version with the same cities, nerfing the entire bread and butter map of this game and taking feasibility out of navy and other units is not
  • Quote from potato: “Could anyone please tell me what is the reason for this change? Is there any unbalanced issue for Austria to be a 6-city nation? ” Coz the ones behind CoN thinks thats a good way to get people buy more gold due having less…