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  • ewac123 wrote:

    Tifo_14 wrote:

    I honestly don't know why people like the 10x mode.

    I can understand 4x games, but not 10x. It is simply too fast. I don't know about anyone else here, but I don't join games where I go to sleep knowing my country might be destroyed by the time I wake up. I prefer relaxed, mellow 1x games, with an occasional 4x here and there.
    that's legit the first post of yours i liked(and the first you didn't like yourself)
  • Я бы попробовал х10, хорошо бы пару таких карт запустить на выходных (пятница-суббота) на 1-2 месяца посмотреть зайдёт или нет, а не гадать )
    устроить такую зарубу на выходные, думаю хорошо войдёт, главное карту закрыть в течении 2-3 дней, гг

    I would try x10, it's good to run a couple of such cards on the weekend (Friday-Saturday) for 1-2 months to view the spruce will come in or not, and not guess
    arrange such a cut for the weekend, I think it will go well, the main thing is to close the map within 2-3 days , gg
  • MAP - means the word "GAME". It's just that in Russia it is customary to say "LET'S GO TO THE MAP". And do not say let's go into the game))
    Apparently the GOOGLE translator also confuses a credit card and a game map )))
  • it was too fast. I once played these cards in very ancient times. and after sleeping I always found that my country was not there. are you ready to not sleep at all or sleep for one hour?
  • it gonna burn the server.
    But i guess that they can get away with like, 20 in game day limit and the game will auto end
    and give gold only half amount to prevent some crazy man spam game for gold