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AA off on Frigs.

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The Pale Rider

Doctrines: Does anyone have / know of any lists of which countries per map?

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After Cheating on my steady SF GF for the EAA Glam Girl ; I hope she takes me Back

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japan samurai

Forum IQ has decreased by 80 pct last month...

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Any Guesses / Leaks of Season 9 unit

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New Plane Bug: Patrolling planes will return back to base when/if patrolling enemy territory then you take prov

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Debunking the Arms Industry Myth

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Suckered in a Noob ..Well he Suckered himself in!

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Space Missiles

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Admira G1

Any Combat Aircraft geeks.....Amazon Prime has Air Warriors on this month. (highly recommend)

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Anyone that earned last season badge and garbage UAV thing should get to choose one other badge they missed

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Does anyone secretly root against Coalition Partners ...

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Why is Wake Island in Rising Tide? And Why so off drastically in size and location / Size?

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Gun for Hire - Looking for Decent Alliance

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Big bad Wolf

Anyone else notice NG/Inf units tend to drift off center on some cities.

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The Pale Rider

OK Forum seems stale and Crusty... What Are your Favorite Alternate Uses of Units

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The Pale Rider

Modern Combat Stats by Aircraft type (Active as of 2015)

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Teburu - Only Missile kill Challenge (Challenge .....Accepted!! It will be Lengen.....dary!!

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The Pale Rider

Geez Louise....90 pct on forum says hate 4x and now 90 pct of games are 4x

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well every war .. people think they are the good guys. But history judges

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