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  • Quote from Nova Staff: “For the Scorpéne Class, do you mean that it is expected in 2020? Because 2010 was 8 years ago. ” 2019 and 2020 actually. Even tho is in Brazil, when it's about military they don't delay that much =P It's just that I got the wrong date hehe.

  • Brazil has some future ships to be purchased and or made. Nuclear Submarine: Scorpéne Class. Expected for 2010. Source:…azilian_Navy#Future_ships Aircraft Carrier: 1 - São Paulo 2 - Atlântico (I know it's just a Helicopter Carrier, but oh well, it's our best ship so far.) 3 - Poseidon (This is a theory nuclear ship for the Brazillian Navy, it is actually supposed to start to being made in 2025. It can carry over 100 aircraft) Pictures of Poseidon: pbrasil.files.wor…

  • Portuguese Translation: Fixes.

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    I'm from Brazil, and I do usually play in English and Portugue servers, I noticed several translations problems. They are though, not serious, the most important stuff has the right translation. So here we go: Obs: Everything in Bold is a possible translation. Homeland Province -- Província do País (The translation is wrong here! It should be Província da Pátria or Província do País Natal) Airfield - Aeródromo (No mistakes here) - Allows Aircraft, Airmobile, and Airlift Operations. -Habilita ope…