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  • A catchy title, but it really is, what it says. If Dorado/Bytro would count how much from selling gold it makes by average per player per map, and then make 'gold-limited' maps, but to enter you need to spend 2x more gold than the average spending per player per map, then simply mathematically Dorado would make 2x more money per map. So an example: Let's say (I'm guessing) that on average players spend 3000 gold per map. Then to enter the maps, each player would need to spend 6000 gold, just to …

  • Event za tokeny

    Seroslav - - Polskie Forum


    Dwa pytanka: Mapy mają wystartować dziś. A do kiedy będą się pojawiały by można było dołączyć za tokena? I to będą duże mapy świata, mapy USA czy jakie, na ile graczy?

  • So the rule is that a player get ranking points from the map for maximum of 120 days of a map or 14 days after he is the only 1, as active player on the map. But not always it does work properly. I have a map, where I am 99,99% sure, that I am the only 1 there for more than 14 days, but still I get ranking points from it. I am so sure cause, as far as I am concerned I checked if I am the only one day for all those past days. It's a map #7692554. Also if you check #1 player in the ranking: damian…

  • That's a bad idea. Discord is good for chatting, not for some more deep analyses or talks. Reddit... who uses Reddit outside of US? I guess not many. Youtube is not good for deep discussion too. I would keep all of them or delete Reddit if You want to get rid of some. If forum got less active then you need less people to moderate it, right? So what's the problem? Keep the forum going as there are many players who do not use Reddit or Discord and still forum is better for some topics and issues. …

  • It happens that we join a map, pick a country and then get the info that we are in war, sometimes with multiple countries. It should be shown before we confirm, that this country has some wars already. As it's not fair, giving not same chances as others has, if country has wars and especially if it lost already some territories and cities, meaning the war is already advanced in its progress.

  • Option to dissolve troop

    Seroslav - - Suggestions


    Quote from FarmerJG: “In real life can you trade humans for resources? I don't think so. Well actually forced labor, but thats a different topic... ” You can sell equipment, just as you sell resources from buildings. There is no producable troop that is naked (zombies are not produced), so every unit use some equipment. Troops could actually go back into manpower, as the reserve in real life.

  • Actually I would add rule that economic points cannot be bigger than military points, cause its a war game, not a simcity. So if a player for example has 100 000 military points and 250 000 economic points, only 100 000 of economic counts, so he has 200 000 points in ranking. Not to make mess, ranks would count as current way, but ranking should be adjusted to changes.

  • The ability to sell units

    Seroslav - - Suggestions


    Interesting option. I guess among coalition members it would be fine, especially if they are both in same coalition for some time, like 5 days, to avoid manipulation. Price should be at least as high as price to produce them and probably even a bit higher as to pay for part of the costs of researching them. I'm not sure if it's that needed, cause in coalition, teammate can just send the troops to friendly country instead of selling it. I guess some might try to abuse such option to arms trade, s…

  • Option to dissolve troop

    Seroslav - - Suggestions


    I think it would be added, an option to dissolve a troop, just like we can destroy buildings or infrastructure. If a troop is fully healthy and is not involved in fighting for last, let say 5 game-days, we should be able to dissolve it, which would not be shown as lost troops in stats. Those conditions are not to manipulate lost troops stats, by dissolving wounded troops, which would be killed soon. In reality it happens and should be added to game. I would use it for example to lower resources …

  • Current military ranking mostly shows how much a player did play. The more maps he played, he killed more troops more or less. It's not a quality ranking, but quantity ranking. I propose to add quality ranking from the current data available and to end some of pathology which is abused by some - mainly much too much points for military logistics and pontoons. This actually promotes and motivates people to join multiple maps and play #(@*# there, instead of more quality playing. One of the effect…

  • When I dont have resources at the moment, in provinces (not cities) it is not possible to queue building of some infrastructure, while in PC web browser it is possible. Of course while having premium account in both cases. I guess it's not fair for mobile app users. It should be changed.

  • If You check the player number one in the ranking - damiannapoleonn, he has 97+% of his ranking points from economy/buildings. And 68+% of his economy points come from one type of infrastructure - the military logistics, which is one of the most useless infrastructures in the game, used mainly by those who want to have more economy points in the ranking. Why? Military logistics gives the most ranking points, per resources used. It gives 2 points to ranking, for using 750 resources of just 3 kind…

  • It's such a simple feature, but would be helpful a lot, PLEASE ADD IT When we have multiple games, its hard to remember which one is which, just by the map number, and that is all that CoN tells us, exept the map type. Add just a small info like "Your country [country name] [country flag]" to the own games view. If you like the suggestion, please like it +1 0279e76254c69de8med.jpg

  • I googled for it, but cannot find it. I want to know how much points to economy ranking gives each building. In stats its not that obvious, cause different level buildings might give different points, I guess. Is there a list somewhere? List of buildings with ranking economy points?

  • I usually use something to measure distance on the computer screen, more or less, a pen a meter or something, and try to guess if it will be enough or not. But as game measure and show easily distances for all the troops, like heli's or planes, there should be no problem to add simple tool to measure from point A to point B. It wont complicate the game much. Should be fast and easy to do.

  • When we conquer a country, and on it's land are standing troops of some other neutral bot country. The moment the troops get an access to leave through our territory and we give the bot country a right to go through our country, it should leave, in my opinion. No matter if the bot country was controlled by a human before or not. Now it doesn't work this way. So some troops from few other countries, controlled by a bot currently, keep staying at my land, which I did conquer days ago. I gave them …

  • There is no light blue sight circle around recons. If you propose it to be light blue, then ok, only if it's visible enough. I would propose white line on the edges of circle it works the best I guess.e4539c1528e45b64med.jpg There is just uncertain fog, not sure where it starts where it ends. Other units have better seen view range, recons should have too.

  • CoN simply lose many players, cause they dont care enough about play-life balance. Any by losing players, they lose opportunities to make money and it's obvious but it seem they dont care about enough. It would be easy to make two-speeds games. I would join such to sleep better and I would enjoy CoN much more, knowing that there our some hours during the day, when there is no big need to check the game, as it's freezed/slowed down. That's why of the reasons I did not play more and I did some lon…

  • Level 50 is quite high. So far I see event maps for 10+ level players. And they seem to get full fast enough. Probably Dorado would first try with some 20+ or 25+ levels, as there is a risk of games not getting full. But yeah, the idea is good, to play among more experienced players. However, already 10+ level games should kind of work with the issue of activeness in a big part. Lowest activity is on Battleground or Flashpoint where are most of the newbies, who quit early.

  • Maybe a white line on the ends of circles would work. Some units have it, some don't and it's a problem for those which don't have it.