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  • Frigates should be nerfed

    Kaiservar - - General Discussion


    Quote from HulkHogann: “OP has a point in terms of general play. Frigates are a very solid all round unit, pretty much a must take - lethal to air AND missiles. Not everyone runs helis(rather situational/risky) and subs are very vulnerable in shallow water where most battles occur. Cruisers are great but the level 4 shipyard is an ask and are vulnerable to cruise missiles/subs without support. ” No, frigates are not good for all, because they can't Match anything except corvettes in naval battle…

  • Frigates should be nerfed

    Kaiservar - - General Discussion


    Quote from shrek6satan: “They're too cheap, they have anti air which is too long of a range the only thing who can actually beat them is a unit stronger than them which to me is bad game design. They should have advantages and disadvantages who can balance each other out. A player who spams frigates will outmatch every other player even if the other player makes cruirsers just by sheer numbers. In general navy in my view is kinda unbalanced like there should be coastol defenses or maybe make cor…

  • I had a naval contact, some subs, on my radar/sonar They was deep in my detection range and suddenly they dissapears. I return the way and there is no one. Is this a bug or could be a hacking?

  • I think it was well balanced but a point that i don't understand is: why MRL is a hard target? I think it must be soft, because these units haven't armor, at difference of Mobile arty, that is mounted on an armored chassis. It happens too with SAM/TDS. They are mounted on very ligthtly vehicles and are very vulnerable by nature. These units must be soft, imho.

  • I abandoned my first (tutorial) game with Belarus. I was in first place, but the remaining players was ***holes and i was playing another FP game and it was more funny by far. This another game was my first win. I was France. It was very funny because my allies and me (Spain and UK) with US were the only remaining active players and we had a cold war. It was very tense because US was a brigadier and we were rookies. My first solo was with Russia.

  • Quote from FarmerJG: “China. 2 electronics city’s are great for an air force. ” China seems good, but the problem is that it have too many coastal cities, so, you need a strong navy or a strong NPA/ASW force.

  • Quote from MattBooth25: “Quote from BlackStarMedia: “I would personally love to see the AC-130J Ghostrider gunship in the game. It would be a real game-changer in any match so it would be the perfect limited unit. It would provide fire cover for extended periods of time without having to head back to base or refuel. Another aircraft that I would absolutely love to see in the game is the KC-135 Stratotanker or the KC-46 Pegasus. Both are great refueling aircraft and could add more in air time for…

  • Yes, it is true. Psycological factor is another benefict. Fortunately, if you play choppers, when anyone have SF, You can have GH lv6; these units could see stealth and SF are very very vulnerable to it.

  • Spec Forces are costly scouts. I only built them one time and was good, but only as scouts, but upgraded and in a good stack they could inflict heavy damage to grounded aircrafts.

  • Russia rocks! It is a economic behemoth. The only danger you can have is Europe. Asian cities are meh.

  • Quote from MattBooth25: “Here are some AvA style builds which have had a lot of work put into them to balance resources and building requirements. If you want to test them out feel free. Using outlines are essential when dealing with smaller countries. Air Role: ASF Heli Gunships Rotary Captain Air Ace Ground Role: Recon MRL Radar SAMs Mech Infrantry w/ permission. Mid+ Size Country Navy Role: Recon Corvettes Frigates Cruisers Naval Captain Mid- Size Country Navy Role: Heli Gunships Corvettes Fr…

  • Quote from MattBooth25: “I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out. We’re you playing solo? ” Oh no, it works, i won first in my coalition by a difference of 400 VP from second place, but it was hard early game. In fact, at late game, i got plenty resources to annex more than 20 cities and build many buildings to rise my stats.

  • What do you prefer?

    Kaiservar - - General Discussion


    Coalitions could be useful and funny if you are near the allies and the players are active.

  • I don't know why people don't build ASF regulary. It is weird for me.

  • Quote from MattBooth25: “Quote from Marcellus: “You know every place has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are trying to do. But one of my top places is Romania for a number of reasons: First it is very easy to defend as your cities are close which mean more troops for expanding. Second only a few naval ports that are close together makes it easy to defend with ships Third you are not one of the “Major” countries so you are not set as a target so you can have plenty of time …

  • Quote from KFGauss: “Quote from WalterChang: “... 39 (!) SFs on Day 16. The only other thing he's mobilised is MotInf, and lots of that too. Literally nothing else at all. He's just swarming people one at a time, and there isn't much subtlety to it that I can see! It's proving pretty bloody effective, though. I suspect he's probably used some gold? I don't know. But I guess if you spend zero resources on anything at all bar MI and SF, then you might be able to pull that off without gold? What do…

  • Quote from WalterChang: “Quote from Kaiservar: “A balanced one. A safe place to begin but not so isolated that it would be impossible to win. In fact, Kazahstan is a sweet spot to a slow and isolated begining but with opportunity to expand. ” Another you might consider is Sweden. Yes, you can get caught off guard early on if you're not watching, but if you spam national guard everywhere to start with to build up your defence, and maybe underground bunkers as well, you can feel fairly safe while …

  • Thanks, i did it.

  • Quote from WalterChang: “I always thought India was pretty good for that. You do have to watch out for Pakistan early on (ally with them or take them out), but after that your borders are pretty well protected by natural boundaries like mountains, jungle and rivers where you can defend fairly easily; and you've only got two coastal entry points to defend. You've also got 2 or 3 AI countries that you can comfortably reach before anyone else can, and then the possibility to expand quickly into cit…

  • PATCH NOTES - 2307.12

    Kaiservar - - News and Updates


    I'm trying to use it, but is highly annyoning. Maybe i'm too old, but i found Discord a very límited tool to atore useful information.