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  • My coalition Themen IS: everyone hunts His own food.

  • Same with my 10x Game. 7 x was supposed only fornpeqce Periode IT even after Peace the Speed dient Catch Up. Game was to slow I Put IT into Archive.

  • Yeah trash us oldfarts and embrace thedigital natives. Cantyou use Tik Tok. Its ever fancier.

  • Hi, I Just Player the new token map AS UK. Simeone used the nighttime to sneek into Plymouth and I Had to retake IT. IT Had only 30 Moral. Thats Strange cause nornally you end Up with some random number above 50.

  • Quote from JohnFKennedy: “About the ASF, chopper argument, I have a fairly (maybe?) good example. Right now I have a game which Italy has like 60 units, atleast half of it were attack and gunship helis, i built a lot of ASFs and literally killed all of them (i think?), all his other ASFs were on the ground and not stacked with helis. My EAAs, SFs and even MBTs killed them on the ground in the early days of our war. BTW i betrayed him so i know how much units he had. ” so hell what Kind of Argume…

  • Or you Hit the airbase while a returning aircraft IS refueling. This mussle launching IS somewhat a Not very sophisticated designed process in comparison to the Impact IT has. A Bit AS If the Presidents are written in some Post ITS and glued to the INSIDE of a Metal Box with a padlock.

  • Seems to be a no brainer...when IS the development due?

  • In the brower version they have already removed the forum link

  • Quote from shrek6satan: “I disagree. Most of the time you need to make new types of units just to beat the counter your enemy made to you. A good example is the SFs SAM meta. if you make strike fighters your enemy will make sams which therefor focres you to make attack helis. If you want to use just what you have on the table your strategy will be very limited like that thing about attacking in the limit of your patrol attack bubble. Like to me I always look at that and thought: "There's no way …

  • Quote from KFGauss: “This (the forum) is the wrong place to report those problems. Use the in-game "bug" reporting function. ” Not possible in Mobileversion ofgame

  • Quote from KFGauss: “First you're going to need to convince readers that having an accurate ranking system is important, then convince them that one is possible (what several important player-characteristics can be measured, and what decisions will readers take based on that information), then describe how those characteristics will be accurately measured, and finally describe how the measurements will be combined into a single rank value that actually makes sense. I see some parts of these thre…

  • What really prevents me from joining a day 2+ Game IS that you dont know which state the countty IS your picking. IT could BE in good state which all Homeland cities still there or invaded with only some City remain. Why Not add the number of cities to each countty in the Picklist? Put a Cherry in top by adding a.symbol that Staates If the countty IS currently ad war with an This will.helo Players a Game and prevent surprise which only result in Putting the Game i…

  • Quote from KFGauss: “Well, if what you are saying is that to keep the game fresh and fun Dorado should carefully introduce new unit characteristics or new unit-interactions (with each other or with the terrain), I think they already agree. ” Again disagree. They should fix the current Units end the existing Gamestyle. There are enough suggestions in this Forum(some Made by myself) how to Bring more useability in the Game. And this Returns in more fun. For example latly they introduced in the mob…

  • Quote from shrek6satan: “But that's the point. "struggle to match the range of cruisers in the mid game" is basically saying "to kill this unit you need a more expensive unit". That shouldn't be how game design works. Like to me the strategies that exist rn are very limited and I will take my hat off to those players who can take advantage of said strategies but lets be real here most strategies boil down to "which units sould I use and which I shouldn't". Like take for example corvettes. I thin…

  • I Play the new middle east. The insurgemts are ready super weak Like 0.5 Attack. I can leave a Radar in n the City for defense. I Always wanted IT the other way around insurgemts should evolve an get stromger Düring the time of the Game to.he a Challenge in midgame. Cause casulties are Always to insurgemts. Which IS Always cause they dont Fight my Prime Units But nthe Backoffice Guys that are left in the Hinterland.

  • Helis Bug

    kurtvonstein - - Questions & Answers


    Dont Put your Money in it

  • Helis Bug

    kurtvonstein - - Questions & Answers


    Was the Tank Close to.the City where the Helis refuel? That Happens they Go into melde AS ground unit even If the Attack IS still some minutes from the City Center away...cost me some Helis too...IT IS Always a gamble If you can do one more run or If you better Run...

  • There is Always a noob patroling His aircraft ...

  • There was never Peace down there...Just phases of Not so Public displayed Violence

  • Quote from playbabe: “Quote from kurtvonstein: “Last Update was a joke...nerfing all my Favoriten units Best part is how they reduce all Attack valzes If mobile anti Air and then weite ITS a buff. ” read it again lol, they moved those damage to defense. so more reliable damage. ” ITS Not a buff If you reduce it. Active airdefenae ist better then Point defense