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  • I’ve been playing CoN on my PS5 for a few months now. When I got into my game today, I came across a player using racial slurs, and wanted to report him. However, it seems the devs did some resizing with the window, and now the gear icon that opens the Bug Report icon is not visible. Without access to the gear icon, I can also not get to features like displaying roadways, toggling the unit sprites, or enabling or disabling the Fog of War.

  • One of my CORE cities is at 86% morale and is staying like that for days. I have these penalties: - -1 for DIstance to HQ - -1 for Civilian Casualties Caused - -4 for being at war with two nations And this buff: - +5 for Underground Bunkers Leveling that out, the morale effect is -1. So why then, is the city stuck at 86% morale? It should be 99%, or at least in the upper 90s. It has not been nuked, captured or bombarded at any point in the game. The population level is 7.8 and it's day 25.

  • It appears that my neighbor has somehow tapped in to my Personal WiFi network and is also playing con on his PC. Will my account get detected for multi accounting? He does not have access any longer.