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  • Best country imho is probably either Japan or UK depending on your preferred doctrine; Relativly compact nations that can dominate their continents and the oceans with large navies. My favourite one to play is Kazachstan though; nothing melts people's brains more then getting their stuff sunk by Kazach subs xd I've also had a few opponents roll over and give up when they realised the sheer distance they would have to cross to get to my core... Also, and I don't know if this is still the case, bu…

  • Gold limits

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    Quote from bajalobo: “This is from a recent game... prior to these News comments, we had had no communication. This was all out of the blue... but like I said, I have no problem with golders, I just don't like being accused of being one. ” Thats pretty tame in comparison to some of the stuff I got thrown at me in the paper xd

  • Naming Officers

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    Quote from BoyReplaced: “Well, that sucks, I definitely put them in the queue. Oh well. Thanks for clearing that up for me. ” If you place them in queue it won't ask for name nor give a name, it will only do that when you manualy start production

  • Quote from Kranzegrad: “There need them agro-industry (supplies) and petrochemical plant (component) industry complex. ” The problem I see with that is that it gives an advantage to the countries that start near one, especially in the early game. I do agree with the motion that there's a lack of provincial resources.

  • I like Rising Tides alot, it's more symmetrical than the WW3 map, and has intresting geography to say the least :p I'm not sure what you mean with "slack cash" Coalition size at 3 actually helps with pushing some more intresting diplomacy back into the game, compared to WW3 EU coalition vs Asia coalition vs America coalition that occurs 75% off the time Victory sites either give a flat 1000 rares on conquest or a good amount of oil/rares a day in case of the refinery and mine, so I'm not really …

  • Sugestions for MINE FIELDS!

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    Quote from Alat Urka: “Completely support the idea. One of the ships migh give a feature (or create another specific one for it) to detect the mines. ” Maybe give it to corvettes? gives em some more mid-late game use (and minesweepers are often smaller craft irl) People will probalby tend to mine near coasts mostly Landmines I find hard to approve of cuz a minesweeper will have to be added and that's more research. (And we have plenty to research as is)

  • Middle East Countries

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    Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey are strong nations with good geographical advantages. Iran too to an extent but more vulnerable. Syria and Iraq are both in more precarious locations, but still doable. Israel will need to be on his best game or join a coalition/ally with one of his neighbours. I have played Turkey on 64 map succesfully. some early corvettes can be lifesavers. also note that much of the terrain to your south and east is mountian, favouring artillery. I am now on day 2 with Israel on …

  • Your standard assault force

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    That's a really small force IMO What scale of conflict are you looking at? Depending on doctrine I ussually bring 2-3 stacks of line infantry (motorized or mechanized) that have some armour mixed in (MBT or Tank destroyer) This backed up by 2-4 SAMs, 1-2x5 ASF and 1-2 full stacks of artillery (type depends on doctrine again) with radar Note that this force will likely also include an officer or 2 If navy is required, for size and composition I tend to look at what my opponent has/could have Some…

  • Weapons​ Black Market

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    Something that also might hamper cheating would be restricitions on the unit types; No selling of motorized would deter the most blatant abuses I think (infantry in general maybe shouldn't be sellable since that wouldn't really make sense anyway) Season units and officers would also be a nono for obvious reasons, and probably launch platforms (BM and ICBM in particular) aswell. I find it an intresting idea nonetheless

  • Interesting, I kinda assumed only units where it was specifically listed had that going.

  • Quote from Fereyd: “I made good results with european TDs using the air-assault fo minimize damage in the first combat round (no need to say, that no AA must be present) ” Wait, TD's count as helo during first combat round when air assaulting too?

  • Yeah ofc You win some you lose some I guess You can still rack up some armor kills by holing up in your cities with them TD's when you see a tank horde roll over your borders. Plop down some bunkers, pray to RNJesus and you *might* even come out on top

  • Quote from Teburu: “The thing about TDs is that the beat tanks only in a purely economical battle;They have the same dmg vs armor as tanks while having half or even less the hp of tanks; their upside is that they're cheaper and faster produce and in terms of fighting tanks they're not that terrible effective seeing how they will trade with tanks in pretty much a 1 to 1 ratio; their +50% def bonus in urban seems is good but pretty niche seeing how you'll in general avoid urban with tanks ” You an…

  • Quote from Teburu: “Do me a favor and don't try to counter tanks with TDs ” I find that as long as you avoid plains TD's fare pretty well against tanks? Well I will give you it can be doctrine specific, if I am Euro I'll go with TD, if Western Attack helos

  • Quote from Vassily Zaizev: “ Finally, I'd like a weapon wich damages bunkers while being used, in situations where those bunkers would normally recieve little damage . Thus, a different "ordenance". Wich damages bunkers, and units, but not necessarily everything around them. ” First of I don't think what you are proposing is doable in this game's engine (making an attack target a specific building) But 'm no game dev so don't quote me on this. Balancewise/gameplaywise I don't think it's that goo…

  • It can work in your advantage sometimes; -jump in a day 3 map -see that your big neighbour is running tanks and strike fighters against one of his neighbours (deduced from newpapaer and buildings) -build TDestroyers and SAM -??? -Profit Ofcourse, chances are he overruns you before you get your stuff out in sufficient quantity, but if it works out you'll end up an unexpected powerhouse and (in this specific case) have a army that can deal with what 50% of the playerbase runs (that being tanks and…

  • I actually have a map going where I support SK as Japan Helped him beat NK and we split China. As Japan I was in a good spot to intervene as I could ship off alot of units to help without having to worry abot getting invaded. Sadly enough it seems like we will be squaring off against India+Pakistan+Iran and I fear my ally isn't active enough to make that a winnable fight.

  • Real nice to see a new geographical feature I'm assuming we will only see rivers on new maps after patch? Quote from Opulon: “(About officers) Could we have premium custom skins for our officers ? I would like to put french flags on the fighter instead of flame. As said the veteran in war thunder : "The important thing is that they know who shot them down" ” +1 to custom officer skins Also, Naval officers?

  • Really liked the list, and would love to see the doctrine ingame. A few suggestions I have tho; - The T1 Carrier could be the Izumo Class Helicarrier (yes I know it's a helicarrier, but there was a proposal a while ago to convert it to be able to service F-35's) -for the T3 mobile radar the SAAB Arthur could be used, it's license produced in South Korea, it's technically a counterbattery radar but it's listed as a mobile radar system And the vehicles for infantry: -Motorised: T1 Isuzu Heavy Truc…