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Manpower Resource should be able to be exchanged on the market

1 +1 527


Any Perun fans in this Forum?

0 415

Find New Games Page: Game Description, Beta Level RC

0 109

Untoxic High Rank Player

6 +1 752


Does Local Industry Increase Production of Victory Sites & Combat Outposts?

2 447

Im On Smoko

Refueling Frustrations = Flying Dead Duck

0 +2 188

Rising Sun Campaign Map Question

2 923

Maxim | CM

A player was removed from my coalition by the game

7 357


Best value in terms of requirements & research needed for elite units: Elite AIP Submarine?

7 652


Leaving a Coalition. Time difference between being the leader vs being a member.

1 198


Relocating Headquarters, The Gypsy Capitol Strategy

3 853

Im On Smoko

Air Assault With SAMs?! Doom Stack Variant Work in Progress

1 311

Im On Smoko

Sengoku, List of Countries (territories), How Many Cities, & Doctrines, etc.

33 +1 2,164


"Unknown Error:-94",Message Received When Trying to Join New Games

3 +1 1,512

Im On Smoko

Your Russian In game Perspective?

63 +2 7,350

david roro

Question about leveling up officers and building placement in different locations

7 755


Can a stealth detecting unit be used in conjunction with a an anti air unit to detect and defend against stealth?

2 531

Im On Smoko

Commander Helper Toggle On / Off option please

0 +1 278

SAM launcher tactics feedback

8 1,697

Im On Smoko

Rethinking Gold System, Bounty Concept Epiphany & Dorado Makes More $

2 +1 441

Im On Smoko