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  • if you want i could deep search on all south american vehicles and tell the developers and hope they agree they have to right?

  • War Stories

    woltlol - - General Discussion


    this is a short story but im playing on a map (year 202) and just to show how us humans came become over power by greed, power, war, money. so the players on the map aren't even wasn't to deal with the rouges and just leave them and they are now on the seventh place on the chart. will me U.K. am on three and Finland on first and Vietnam on second. so i attacked Germany and he had O.P. troops like modern infantry but the thing is you have to have strategy which he didn't and this one time he lost…

  • Tech tree skin creation

    woltlol - - Suggestions


    to be honest you could have just taken picture or they ( the developers ) because that's what they do trust me I've search a lot of the vehicles and they take the picture from one of them.

  • i would disagree cause that is not what they use now and they never really used it

  • well a theater to air system has a damage 8.0 level one or in this case level two 8.5 but a cruise missile has damage of 30 on armored targets so they do 8.5 which would also be defense and it 17 which would wipe out all your missile. so next time attack with 5 to 6 missiles.

  • but i also diagree cause you would have to grab vehciles from other nations for the anti-tank, aircraft carriers, theater air sytem. also they don't have nuclear weapons, and they have some just terrible tanks and armored. so it would be difficult to make a tree for that.

  • I hate to say it but brazil has one of the worst military nations in the world. i'm a brazilian and i know this, our constitution doesn't allow us use of weapons of mass destruction but for energy use or military vehicles. so i agree to make a tree for brazil but they won't be able to make nuclear weapons.