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  • Im sorry, but theres no way china would crush Japan as easy as you say. First of all, even if like you said the US didnt get involved, Australia is essentially Next door, Britain managed to bring their forces to the Pacific in WWII. Also, Even if China has superior numbers of nukes, they wouldn't use them except as a last ditch effort when they're losing. so they wouldnt use them, because they would most likely be at a constant stalemate. They would prevent each other from landing. If china atta…

  • Disbandment of Units

    Juggernaut505 - - General Discussion


    Quote from Lordwhiteblade: “I think the main problem is still K/D ratios. If people knew they were going to lose a war they would just delete all of their units so as to not damage their ratio. Of course, one solution to that is to have a unit count as destroyed if it is disbanded. ” Somebody already said something about this. what i understood is that if you disband a unit, whatever unit did the most damage to it would be creditted for the kill. if most of the damage came from using rush, then …

  • The only thing that can be in the dead zones: Wanderng traders.

  • Opinions on Armor?

    Juggernaut505 - - General Discussion


    I think armor is good, but you cant use just armor. i usually pair it up with Motorized or mechanised infantry, and usually bring artillary support of some kind.

  • So, im a new player, but i have learned basic strategy from other games. And i just wanted to know if there is just like a universal NO NO, or if it was just my server. I was playing WWIII X4 (Because i cant stand normal speed) and my Coalition had a few really good players. One of us had already taken all of Europe before he joined, and another had essentially ripped the middle east in half. we were the highest scoring Coalition in the Server. I was getting excited, because i thought I was goin…

  • Deployables

    Juggernaut505 - - Questions & Answers


    so, does anyone know if Deployables are going to be expanded on? as far as i can see the only Deployable is the Elite UGV. So i think it'd be nice if More deployables were added, like a more combat oriented deployable, so that you can have the extra combat strength without reducing efficiency. Also a More Compact deplyable UAV would be cool. im pretty sure those exist IRL.

  • I can think of several ways. first off: Submarines. idk if this works in the game, but IRL the first subs were built for things like this. during the british blockade in either the American Revolution or the War of 1812, a little one man Peddle powered submarine destroyed boats in the blockade. Subs make great blockade runners. Second: MISSILES! Cruise missiles can indipendantly target Unit stacks, so if you have a way of launching cruise missiles over the water (Examples: a Cruise missile batte…