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  • Quote from Maxim | CM: “The Destroyer ” Don't call me that that's not my government name. Call me The Destroyer 4 FULLY right. It's my catholic name. You don't got my permission to call me by my 3 initials or just the beginning of my name.

  • Quote from Maxim | CM: “To The Destroyer and the rest, please keep forum posts to the subject being discussed. It's not the first time that conversations have spiraled out of control and it is always around the same topics. If you want to discuss US Politics, a forum of international users about a game that has nothing to do with US Politics is not the proper platform. If this keeps up, I will be forced to take further action. ” giphy.gif I got multiple other alt accounts haaaa cant get rid of m…

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “This is not true. Using your beloved Google: ” You ruined it for the team... judge-judy-watch.gif

  • Quote from KFGauss: “Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Tokyo have been rebuilt (As have London, Dresden, Volgograd, and pretty much every city that was devastated during WW2). Millions of people weren't nuked during WW2. ” judge-judy-watch.gif Are you fufilled... Do you always be the oen being the smartest.

  • Quote from IFROSLAVIA: “@Savanrej. There’s no denying it. ” AdeptCookedCub-size_restricted.gif Both ya'll countries are brothers and sister, both originating from history being apart of Austria Hungary and Yugoslavia. Both of you're countries were conquered and faught for the NAZIS. "...Bosnia- Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, it traces the history of Bosnia and its Muslims from the Nazi German and Fascist Italian occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941..."

  • Quote from IFROSLAVIA: “It's actually the opposite. Croatia has a serious problem with nazi and homоphobic gangs. Ustase followers. When I went to Croatia, I was surprised at how many swastikas and anti-Jewish crap there was around. ” 200w.gif You're from Bosnia, this is so biased.

  • At-least @Hakaishin took a shot at it to solve the question, instead of continue with argument. He doesn't owe you anything, maybe mental and emotional distress reparations. Quote from Aeneas of Troy: “He knows waaay more about this game than you do…. ” So? He can try to make an educated guess on this subject. Just because she might be less experienced doesn't mean she can't answer.

  • Quote from Savanrej: “Who ” @Red Snapper Not really racist....... just biased too........

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “If Imperialism never occurred in Japan, we would have two more cities. ” And if Japan never did Pearl Harbor Millions of their people would not have bin nuked. Quote from aplicar wax: “Well that Snapper guy said it. ” i-dont-care-who-cares.gif He's racist to Croations anyway.

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “Is this what that guy meant about "crogaytian" people? Are you Hоmosexual? ” Can you hush And not bring sexual pronouns into this. Don't assume because he's Croatian.

  • Quote from Hakaishin: “1. Because you can google it. "" 2. Because you can use search the forum to find the answer. "" ...its in the top right corner. Good luck, buddy. 3. Because you can check the wiki. Here, let me link you to it... "" I'm am being helpful, right? ” JauntyArtisticIchthyostega-size_restricted.gif You're being helpful.

  • Quote from Rainmaker2112: “I'm not on KFGauss's side on all discussions, but I wanted to second the frustration expressed because I was very frustrated scouring the wiki as a new player and not finding answers to my questions. ” The wiki doesn't give you high quality details, its like it gives you the foundation then it lets you fly. It needs to be updated in a way. But what the Middle School Teacher of the forum gave us (@'playbabe') a very detailed version of the CON wiki. (First time an elder…

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from The Destroyer 4: “Quote from Dealer of Death: “Never said ALL of Africa is poor. ” IF you got noting nice to say...200w.gif Don't say it. ” Kid, you are the LAST person on this forum that should be telling anyone to shut up. Doesn't mean I don't like you, but I'm beginning tp lean that way from all the Kamala gifs. ” Child of darknesssssss.... I never said people should "shut up" I'm saying if you got nothing nice to say don't say it. As I said before DoD …

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Never said ALL of Africa is poor. ” IF you got noting nice to say... 200w.gif Don't say it.

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “That's racist and rude. Reported. ” It's not racist... even though in history its implied that Africa is a very poor continent where the people are different then everyone else. about 3/5 of Africa is corrupt and poor, it's really because it was left to dry by the white Europeans.

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Got to be honest, tho I'd play it once just for the novelty, I don't think being King of the most impoverished continent in the world, would hold much appeal for me, BUT, far be it from me to say no on a non stupid idea others might enjoy. ” Woah woah woah woah..... woah............ woah...... Not all of Africa is poor. Egypt rich, South Africa Rich, Algeria Rich. images If Imperialism never occurred in Africa, Africa most likely be the richest continent. (Also most …

  • Quote from Whitewolf: “Why is the United States (North America) included in the Europe map? Why is Iran included in the Europe map? Why is Mongolia in the Pacific map? ” 1. Well Flashpoint is like built of of a type of NATO v Russia or Europe against each other IDK. 2. IDK 3. IDK

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “She has big hips, thighs, and ass ” First of all. I got 3 warnings from saying that in September of 2022, don't say that again. Quote from Hadiaron: “What's the meaning of that song anyways? What is she trying to promote? ” Second of all. Seh's promoting the 2010 World cup, supporting African countries that was in it. LETS GET BACK ON TOPIC PLEASE!

  • Quote from aplicar wax: “Ooh baby can you dance like this... Or is that not how it goes. Hips Don't Lie! ” Wrong song... Tsamina mina, eh, eh Waka waka, eh, eh Tsamina mina zangalewa Anawa, a, a Tsamina mina, eh, eh Waka waka, eh, eh Tsamina mina zangalewa This time for Africa But anyway I like this idea even though its a cut copy of battle ground and Senogoku.

  • giphy.gif Shakira Skakria Shakira! If you're able to fit 5 cities in a country as small of Gabon. Many of those AI countries could fit.\ You're missing many key details here. The doctrines. Why is some European Nations included, Malta aside; why Italy and Greece is there? Why are there multiple Middle Eastern countries in the African map? You only need Suez (Egypt), Israel, and Jordan that's about it. Overall it's a good idea.