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  • The Manpower resources should be able to be exchanged / traded on the stock market. Much like in the real world where workers can get work visas in foreign countries or mercenaries that fight for foreign countries and militaries such as the French Foreign Legion which recruit almost any nationality. Likewise, being able to trade Manpower would compliment the new mercenary units being developed as of right now.

  • I touched upon this subject in the We seek YOUR Military knowledge and wisdom for Season 11 new unit!, as a suggestion for the next seasonal unit. This unit(s) would be hard to code and debug in the game I would think though. Perun goes into the details as he always does.

  • Obligatory Google Search Disclosure: Unsuccessful google search on above mentioned subject topic. I see some games have in the first line of their description box, Beta Level RC I assume it has something to do with beta testing, if someone could elaborate, please do. Also, any employees who read this, can you forward a request for some more Blood and Oil 4x maps? I got the itch to try China.

  • Quote from Preeesco: “I'm in World War 3 Apocalypse 4x, and I built an airfield in Alotau. No matter from which province or city my helicopters depart, the game says Alotau is out of reach. The airfield is completely done and has full HP. The error happens on both Android and Web, and reloading the page won't help. Is it a bug, or am I missing something? ” Air units have a limited ferry range. Helicopters have a shorter ferry range compared to fighters and bombers. I suspect the distance you wan…

  • Quote from booombooom: “Quote from Im On Smoko: “Canada ” True. If you pick Canada in WW3 map and join in the USA coalition no one disturb you in early game unless you are poking them around. ” Yes. you have several days to build up units or cities while Island hoping in the S Atlantic / taking Iceland.

  • Yeah, These issues have been brought up repeatedly. Seems that TPTB / game developers want to "improve the game" in some direction / directions that do not include these "improvements" being addressed.

  • Island Disputes

    Im On Smoko - - Maps

    Post Is Argentina going to be a solvent "country" for much longer? Would the residents of the Malvinas/Falklands be picking through trash to survive if it was Argentinian territory? I have neighbors from Argentina. They aren't good neighbors to say the least. Makes me wonder how Argentinians treat each other with the small taste of my neighbors being "neighborly" is like.

  • Average morale low

    Im On Smoko - - Questions & Answers


    Corey, Your missiles are small and use poor quality weapons grade uranium. Your citizens have lost respect for their once glorious supreme leader.

  • Special forces attacking from the ground, followed by armor that does damage to hard targets? The rails would have to engage in melee with the special forces, while the armor comes in? I'd hate to lose special forces or any unit for that matter, but this sounds like a bad situation. *edit: I stand corrected by @Teburu*

  • Quote from Saucon21: “Don't worry your troops will be dead and your cities burning ” LoL. Or those units you had on rush and planned to un rush at a reasonable HP amount.... Dead

  • PATCH NOTES - 2307.12

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    Many players on this forum have suggested adding mines to the weapons available to play with. In general, in my opinion that would not fun to deal with. Which brings me to my point and segue: Aren't the glitches, fixes, poor game mechanics and bugs enough of a minefield to deal with? Game developers please fix what is broken FIRST before introducing new (crazy) game mechanics to the game. In my opinion, you are just adding more problems to your list when doing so. For example, when a mixed stack…

  • Quote from xovault: “Quote from Im On Smoko: “So I did a google search and could not find the answer to my question regarding bunker mechanics. Do ground units need to be in the EXACT center of the city to gain the defensive bonus of a bunker? I ask because my city is going to be attacked and I want to position the ground units in front of the incoming path of the enemy so my airbase & army base avoid damage when I defend against them. ” Just tested it. There's a level 3 bunker in that city. The…

  • Untoxic High Rank Player

    Im On Smoko - - General Discussion


    Quote from phoule: “I always offer advice, some unrequested. Simple things that should be obvious like use a mixed stack of hard/soft. Healing minute in game is 28th, if you're moving out of a city with damaged units just wait 3 minutes to get the tick, etc... Maybe some of it is bad and thats why I get ignored. Some people appreciate it some never learn. Personally for those that don't learn, I look to the silver lining, when the game ends I get 1700 gold and they get 800 between them. ” I trac…

  • So I did a google search and could not find the answer to my question regarding bunker mechanics. Do ground units need to be in the EXACT center of the city to gain the defensive bonus of a bunker? I ask because my city is going to be attacked and I want to position the ground units in front of the incoming path of the enemy so my airbase & army base avoid damage when I defend against them.

  • Considering that there a recent thread Titled; Toxic high rank players, I had an interaction to the contrary. I just got my ass handed to me by a high ranked player in a Rising Sun game. I had some good conversation with him and got some great feedback and insight to the game stemming from my observations of what he did & built. IMHO I was respectful and asked good questions to a certain extent. I wonder if people's inability to communicate effectively contributes to this "toxic" backlash newer …

  • Quote from playbabe: “i did answering this question a lot. victory site is usually also resource province. all those boost will apply to that part. but the ‘victory site building’ can not be boosted due to being flat bonus. ” Thank you for answering my question and clearing up my confusion. The victory sites in RS are indeed resource provinces. I just completed a local industry in the province and the resource production has gone up b/c it is a resource province. The combat outpost will effect t…

  • I did a google search and found nothing really conclusive regarding my question. I am building a local industry at a victory site now to test if it will do so. In the past I tried this and didn't really see any results but it has been awhile since I tried and want to experiment. Likewise since combat outposts increase morale of a province, I would think that a combat outpost does indeed increase production of a victory site by increasing morale of the site, no? A competitor of mine on a Rising S…

  • Game developers or TPTB, I understand the whole refueling concept in this game, HOWEVER... Why would a military aircraft attempt to fly to a location with out enough fuel and then somewhere in the flight path the pilot realizes that, "hey I need to turn around and go back to get fuel"? This is complete nonsense. The aircraft should refuel FIRST if the destination chosen by the player is not within fuel range. Or even better, when the player is choosing an area to go to attack, patrol or ferry to…

  • Quote from The Ewac: “ 2. Non-Coalition Ally Ask solo players on the map, when there are 2-3 major coalitions left, to become allied with your coalition against XYZ coalition. Obviously try to find stronger players, basically attack together. ” I have done this. Either as the non coalition solo nation, where I was not a threat to the coalition who won but also where my coalition won, cooperating with a solo player. It was fun.