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  • Pacific Map is Broken

    JDz - - Bug Reports & Issues


    Hey there! In regards to the Pacific Theatre map, there were some issues with Victory Points, as you very well pointed out, but they have been fixed, so these are not expected to happen again going forward! Thanks for the feedback however!

  • The Music Scene

    JDz - - Off Topic


    While I'm quite happy to see there are Miku fans UwU and Taylor Swift fans in this thread, I am kinda disappointed to not see a single video game OST. NieR Automata, Blasphemous, Dead Cells, Necrobarista are my goto work songs at the moment…LzQ7RqOVfxk2Fr2F-a7iWzovn…s0zJHGUZwKJ_uDiXNZ45U79T0

  • A lack of CoNtent creators?

    JDz - - General Discussion


    Quote from playbabe: “Quote from KFGauss: “Speaking as someone who DOESN'T create YouTube or other videos, I'll still bet a nice dinner that there is surely a way for someone (who is motivated enough) to create videos illustrating enjoying playing CoN that combine time lapse sections, sped up sections, and/or still images that were accumulated over time,. The methods "have to" exist, however, because a CoN game isn't full of continuous action, the motivation seems to be in short supply. Kudos! t…