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  • Greetings, Commanders, As we move forward in our journey with Conflict of Nations, we're focused on ensuring the best experience for our community. We know you value the shared wisdom on our forum, and we want to ensure none of this expertise gets lost during our transition. Here's where we need your help: - Forum Treasures: Are there any forum threads or posts you've found particularly insightful and feel should be preserved on our Wiki - Wiki Updates: Have you come across any Wiki information …

  • Split stack button broke

    MeLarie - - Bug Reports & Issues


    Thank you for reporting the issue. The team is diligently working on fixing it, so we ask for your patience and understanding and apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused.

  • PATCH NOTES - 2307.12

    MeLarie - - News and Updates


    +++++UPDATE+++++ In this new release, we introduce several fixes and improvements. The aircraft range is now crisply displayed, eliminating pixelation. Previously missed graphics on Victory sites for Rising Sun are now added. For mobile users, the display of population growth accurately reflects the real rate, no longer indicating an accelerated pace. Also, we've fixed the names and icons of damaged buildings for improved clarity. Fixes: - Aircraft range no longer pixelated - Added missed graphi…

  • A New World Has Risen

    MeLarie - - News and Updates

    Post…918f5c8964770acb9bcc97b8a Summon your samurai spirit, warriors of Conflict of Nations! As the dawn breaks, we unveil our latest conquest - the "Rising Sun" map. Inspired by the Sengoku era, it's about to take your gameplay to a whole new level. How's that? Well, it's decked out with Apocalypse rules, so you'll kick off with a hearty collection of nuclear warheads and have all research available from the get-go. There's a twist, though! Scattered around the map are …

  • Dear CoNmanders, We read through all your suggestions and have taken them into consideration. We would like to thank you for your input in shaping our game. Together we can create an incredible CoN future! Even though the Forum will cease to exist, you will still be able to provide your ideas on the future topics on different platforms, so do not worry about your voice not being heard. We will do our best to engage more with the community in the future as well. We wish you a nice day and a pleas…

  • PATCH NOTES - 2306.20

    MeLarie - - News and Updates

    Post…918f5c8964770acb9bcc97b8a +++++UPDATE+++++ Exciting changes have arrived! The highlight is the Rising Sun, a new 4x event map guaranteed to challenge your strategies. We’ve redefined aircraft dynamics; plane behaviour has been modified. Airborne planes, or those on an aircraft carrier at the time of destruction, search for the nearest airport or crash if none are within range. Planes stationed at airports that are destroyed become ‘grounded’, featuring almost no m…

  • ++++++++Hello CoN Commanders,++++++++ We hope you’re all doing great out there on the battlefield! We’re working on a new seasonal unit and we need your expertise. We’re looking at realistic, cutting-edge military tech that’s under development or about to be deployed. We want to be innovative, but not venture into sci-fi territory. That’s where you come in! You’ve come across any emerging technologies in articles, journals, white papers, or other resources that you think could enhance our game? …