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  • Hey guys, we're back up. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Quote from GreenGooy: “Why has it been, seemingly for weeks now (maybe more) there are only the same 6 maps available over and over? Apocalypse/WW3 Overkill Battleground USA Flashpoint Red vs. Blue would be something different. It's the same WW3 map, but at least it would be something different. The only 4X games are the global maps. There are so many cool maps I've seen over the past few months: Pacific Theatre, Japan, others I can't even recall right now (remember Blood and Oil!?). Why aren't …

  • Quote from To0oooop: “Quote from ContinentalArmy: “Quote from T8.0: “Quote from conplayer67: “This game is dead. Lazy and uninterested devs are no working to solve something and just let the game works by itself. They added rising sun for like one week and took it out. awful! no pleasure so play same maps as a x4 speed player ” How do you assume it's a dead game? From the fact that new updates keep coming? ” He's right... this game is indeed dead. They took away cold war map, rising tides 4x, zo…

  • Hi, yes we are aware. Devs are working on the issue as we speak. Apologies for the downtime

  • PATCH NOTES - 2307.12

    Maxim | CM - - News and Updates


    @ContinentalArmy I appreciate you have experienced issues and yesterday's issue after release was regrettable. I will be honest. It was the result of human error throughout and while we did immediately find the problem, the fix took time because other issues with our code branching cropped up which prevented us from releasing the actual fix. In fact, if you were following us on Discord, a fix was initially announced, only for us to immediately realise it only made things worse. That is the simpl…

  • Quote from CAPT. KOLO: “Maxim! Full respect! I'll make a note! If we already know which ALLIANCE are active, then the ELO points should be deleted from the non-active ALLIANCE, so the points table of the first 50 ALLIANCE would be cleared! CAPT. 'ADMIRAL' KOLO ” Considering inactivity of certain alliances, indeed this will happen.

  • The only changes are the inclusion of Apocalypse rules and the inclusion of Victory Sites. Otherwise it is the Sengoku map in terms of concept and design.

  • This entire conversation is proving fruitless. Discussions are great but going at each other's throats is not on.

  • Easy double acc

    Maxim | CM - - General Discussion


    If you are on Android, simply clear the CoN app's cache and storage from the app list, and you will be able to login again. If on iOS you just need to reinstall the app.

  • Quote from Arko420: “And on top of that, I actually tried to ask multiple people on Discord and through the official support email, and was never responded to. ” You can always drop me a DM on Discord and we can discuss what happened.

  • PATCH NOTES - 2306.20

    Maxim | CM - - News and Updates


    We're hoping Rising Sun will start spawning in the coming week(s)

  • Quote from Arko420: “I'd give a shit if your Discord didnt have the restrictions of a fucking kindergarten. ” What restrictions are you referring to exactly?

  • Quote from jack21c: “Quote from Maxim | CM: “Just one small note of caution: the update will automatically update the leaderboard to reflect alliance activity over the recent past. ” Does this mean that elo for all alliances will not become 0, it will be just recalculated with new formula? Do matches that will be played after this announcement but before the new formula will start work be count in new elo? ” More info will be coming up soon on the exact mechanics but all alliances will be revert…

  • The improved way of calculating ELO, reflective of true alliance skill Quote from KamikazeOgY: “Quote from Maxim | CM: “ ” Especially now after disabling elite games, DG is relaying on its pay to win system in alliance games... Would be true if you couldnt use gold in ranked alliance games. This way you are promoting only alliances of Devs with unlimited ammounts of gold ,especially in the last few months with disabled Elite non gold games! Great job Dorado! Way to go! ” The whole point of this …

  • Quote from JOKER_MD: “I understand the first page rating, top 10, this is a very old top, but there are serious nuances that I can't understand, that is, all the work and the torment passed and the diligence is all in vain? This is also unfair and puzzling, you bet on new alliances, but such a spit on the old alliances for all their diligence and work is not very good and not nice on your part ( ” Not really. While the top 20 will change as a result of this, not all current top alliances disappe…

  •…98caeabf1ad35cfe409bde4c0 Hear ye, Hear ye, Esteemed Generals of the Alliance! I, Maxim, descend upon you carrying a veritable treasure trove of joyous tidings! From that fateful day when I donned the crisp uniform of Dorado and ventured into the vast and wild battlefield of Conflict of Nations, one particular gripe has echoed through the ranks louder than a sergeant's bellow - the slightly confounded ELO in the Alliance Ranking system. As persistently as a homing …

  •…98caeabf1ad35cfe409bde4c0 CoNquering Mobile Woes: Our Devs Step into the Light to Fix Performance Issues! Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and reflect on progress. This year has proven to be a period of steady growth for Conflict of Nations. We have a lot of different projects in the pipeline, intended to continue improving gameplay experience, introduce new features and generally provide an even better overall experience to all our players. However, we part…

  • PATCH NOTES - 2305.23

    Maxim | CM - - News and Updates

    Post…98caeabf1ad35cfe409bde4c0 + + + + UPDATE + + + + Atten-hut, Commanders! Buckle up for our next update - it's just gone live! We've been sweating Twistees and downing gallons of energy drinks to supercharge the mobile app. Our tech commandos, armed to the teeth with coding skills, have been battling lines of code like they're enemy troops, all to ensure you've got a smooth, crash-free war zone. Our mission objective? Deliver a gameplay experience so good it'll knock…

  • Season 10 is Out!

    Maxim | CM - - News and Updates


    Definitely we are looking into ways to make our Seasons even better in coming formats. It's a WIP that will reap benefits in the comings months/years. Suffice it to say, this particular season is mostly concerned with fixing long standing issues and performance problems, while giving the team time to wok on wayy more interesting features that will come into play throughout the rest of this year.

  • Season 10 is Out!

    Maxim | CM - - News and Updates


    Quote from Dealer of Death: “…98caeabf1ad35cfe409bde4c0 ” The aim of this particular season is to continue providing past units while focusing efforts into addressing various issues. We'll have more information with the next release. However I have to mention that posts like this are highly disrespectful to the team and all the work they do to keep the updates coming while dealing with issues that come up.