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  • Question about a strategy

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    @'Buckeyechamp just mix strikefighter with naval strikefighters 3/2 no need to mix them with asf

  • Atomic barrel artillery

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    maybe we can get it as seasonal unit

  • Quote from Fantomas: “when is new map ready for start? ” Soontm

  • General game imbalances

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    Was here before it's lockedgold is fine imo As Germanico said time and time again: You're free to bankrupt your own company but dorado won't discuss gold with the public

  • really? you can open discord in the Webbrowser too, or does that not work either? edit: posted the link to this post to the discord

  • Quote from ThePanda: “maybe if I rephrase my answer .. The Elite MBT may almost be twice as expensive, but a full, pure stack will also be 40 percent stronger. That doesn't even include an Officer. Mobilizing enough regular MBTs to match that elite stack's strength will take you ~50% longer. Now add on top of that the time/cost to advance other techlines to get decent protection against aircraft AND missiles. ” Difference is: Sams doesnt take components to build and they're not limited. You're b…

  • Quote from ThePanda: “WTF, forum won't let me post my reply because it apparently contains Polish, censored words. I don't even know Polish.... ”

  • If you're looking for new members I'd recommend also advertising your alliance on the official CON discord

  • Quote from ThePanda: “Quote from kurtvonstein: “bytheway: I like the air defense values...thats a real nice feature...but the costs are massive...i rather produce a sam and put it in the stack.... ” you do realize that having a full stack of 10x Elite MBTs + 1x Tank Commander, with all of their ATK boosts combined (again raising their anti-air/missile capabilities in addition to their devastating anti-inf/armor values), will hurt infinitely more than a diluted stack of Elite MBTs and SAMs, right…

  • @kurtvonstein its pretty simple, you only need sc at the end of the season to claim the unit, you can continue to use them even after your sc runs out sc doesn't unlock the seasonal research tab otherwise you couldn't build the current seasons units

  • Restricting access to countries within a round just sounds like a stupid idea, especially since they'll play bad no matter the country. Selection of countries is on a first come first serve principle and if they manage to grab a big country then so be it. imo its more better for them since ppl tend to be scares if bigger countries. From my expierience at least 2 or 3 of the bigger countries make it to late game, usually like china/india/brazil and sometimes australia Tbh it sounds to me more lik…

  • 4 coalition players

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    Ppl already dont create that many coalitions, with 64 players you could already create 12 coalitions, but does that ever happen? not really. And of course will a premade team be always incredibly superior to a coalition of a bunch of randoms (not that thats hard tho). Setting coalition member limit to 4 wouldnt change anything at all. You’ll just have the usual 5-6 coalitions but only with 4 players now and the premade team will still roflstomp them

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “80 HP is just to much, that takes nearly 2 weeks to heal completely The only real appealing one for me is european ” 6 days at most, you can just put them in the water but yeah european seems like the best one with the def dmg to air

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “0982fe919416534d9902ed12ff0cee87.png 4% Attack Bonus ” does western also have more hp?

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “I don't think anyone get a win, the game will just call somebody winner. ” Well the last match that got voted to end i was on the top, and my number of coalition wins went from 4 to 5

  • @Kalrakh when voting to end a map the one with the highest VP wins

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “How do points get scored by units? On dead unit 1 point or are some units worth more points? ” killing seasonal units gives more points tho i dont know how much exactly

  • Quote from MrBookShelf: “Can someone give me the unit details? ” I only have the one for european tank. unit limit is : Lvl 1/2/3/4 Max Number: 3/5/7/10 screenshot 1 is t1 (lowest level) screenshot 2 is t2 (its highest level)


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    Quote from Yeti: “You just have to wait till the counter runs down to 0, then you can type ” Yeah this was implemented so ppl check out the Q&A before making reports about stuff thats not a bug

  • Archiving games simply takes them out of your list of active games, of course finished maps will be shutdown after a while, after all keeping a finished map online costs unecessarily ressources, dont see any problem with this