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  • We definitely need those performance improvements too

  • Nice touch that the globe in the background of the video shows the flooded world and that all of these sanctuaries are sources of energy. If I'm not mistaken, are those sources of geothermal, solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and nuclear energy? strategic_point-7.png Also, I see that the CoN News video featured the sanctuaries on the old map style (pre-June 27, 2018, blue hue everywhere, thick borders on oceans) as well as the new one, and the news article from July 18, 2019 shows them on the…

  • Do you mean that, if CoN runs erratically due to a computer with a slow processor/small amount of RAM, we should instead load the mobile client in the computer? I know this is possible in CoW, but this seems like a bit of a hacky solution.

  • New infantry tree

    OneRandomPlayer - - Suggestions


    You are assuming that everyone uses basic infantry early in the game, but this is not true. Having the availability of other types of infantry early in the game is a large asset to some people, and this would only make the early game more monotonous. In addition, this would only delay the research of these other types of infantry. The only benefit of this, as far as I can see, is providing free upgrades to preexisting infantry. This does not seem to be a good trade-off.

  • 6145869474_6e1aa4df78_b.jpg Naval shipping takes a long time - that's why I think is it always a good idea to get two naval infantry and conquer random Danish and Indonesian islands that no one cares about

  • This would help very much on devices with less RAM.

  • Hello all, In the date system that CoN uses, the day of the date is shown as an ordinal number, with April 1 showing up as April 1st and July 4 showing up as July 4th. However, if there is a "d" in the date (such as the "d" in January 2nd or November 23rd), the "d" is replaced with the cardinal number of the date. For example, if it was July 22 today, the game would show "July 22n22". This occurs everywhere dates are used, such as in the news section ( or in the alliance …

  • I remember the good days where UAV had stealth from the start... It was a nasty surprise after December 11, 2017 when I learned that UAV was no longer stealth.

  • Will one only need to have security council at the end of the season in order to permanently unlock the unit? And how long will seasons last?

  • Choppers carrier

    OneRandomPlayer - - Suggestions


    It really is. Disappointing that carriers are legacy, but perhaps they can be updated after mobile release!

  • I agree that they should all be unlocked. Also, about needing to have security council, will one only need to have security council at the end of the season in order to permanently unlock the unit? And how long will seasons last?

  • Try refreshing - maybe it crashed/flew to another airbase but it didn't update on your screen

  • Sea fighting

    OneRandomPlayer - - Suggestions


    If a missile is intercepted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, will the description be able to distinguish between different areas of the Atlantic Ocean?

  • Took a long time to find it, but here is a link: Discussion: Airmobile Infantry rides on Aircraft Carriers? Apparently, the Carrier is an ancient artifact and to rewrite it would take money and time. Perhaps this feature will be added after CoN is finished porting to mobile. Any devs have anything to say about whether or not this will be added?

  • Will nationalization be added back, or is it in internal testing right now?

  • I think it would be helpful to give more information on the problem instead of just saying that the problem exists. For example: - Which browser are you using? - Are you using Chrome? Internet Explorer? Are you on Steam? - What OS do you have? - Are you using Windows 10? iOS? Android? Linux? - Are you sure this is a bug? - Have they checked the "All Offers" tab? Are you sure that you are not at war with your "allies"? Does the Server Status button in the lower right hand corner say "Connected"? …

  • Both points good!

    OneRandomPlayer - - Suggestions


    Was this supposed to be a reply to the other thread (…s/&postID=30425#post30425)? also nice profile pic

  • I recommend that instead of them putting up a buy order that you put up a sell order. It's the same, and people usually do not sell stuff anyway. That said, you can also perform a hard refresh if you want to make sure that it is up-to-date (ctrl+shift+r on Windows or Linux, cmd+shift+r on Mac)

  • Improving game

    OneRandomPlayer - - Suggestions


    1. I think this is a good idea 2. You do not give any suggestions on how to improve this problem. Did you mean that it should be changed so that a different line is shown? I don't think this is necessary because usually the overlap is short, and anyway, if you select a unit, the line it travels in is highlighted. 3. What is your point here?

  • Will there be both an iOS and an Android version, and will future updates release on computer and mobile at the same time?