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  • @kurtvonstein Constructive Criticism are like well-designed medication : often sugar coated to not be immediatly spitted by the individual you want to help :p. About the mobile version, i share your worry, and i know the topic has been discussed. Now, we can only see "on the field" what i will be, and improve it in the future. Beyond the data usage, if you need too much RAM to load it and/or 30 mb of data to load it without cache, less lucky areas without 4G will be faced with harsh "connexion t…

  • You ask yourselves questions a skilled player asks himself. I question this pattern of thought goes through the brain of people with 0.3 K/D ratio and a life expectancy of 6 days on maps.

  • I deeply agree with you about how this map gives some mid-tech units that should be cared as if they were the 8th Wonder of the World (as they are an big guarantee of survival, if used well), and most players waste them in assault, making the careful dominate even easier when the fight becomes a "lvl 5 infantry" vs "level 1 infantry". It's the case i'm encountering in my map. I have the slight hope, though, that gradually, people repeteadly getting wrecked in suicide assaults would, long-term, l…

  • yes, to point out the positive part of kurtvonstein message, one of my members, that deliberately avoided 128 overkill maps because of the gap between small and big country, pointed that the map was more enjoyable due to the smaller gap, and the starting high level units

  • Quote from PerigeeNil: “In defense of that, I'm rank 31 now (I think), and the very first game I joined (Flashpoint, obviously) is still active. So, if you checked my FP map, you might see me in there and think I was a predator. ” No, i know very well what kind of player i think of when i think of the term "predator", and you don't fall in it, at least as long as you don't join nearly exclusively FP maps, targeting the ones full with Rank 1

  • So far, i love it. The biggest problem of the map is the players, that are awful at using their assets properly (for god sake... they give you a bunch of highly defensive units in the early, that allows you to sleep relatively well due to how strong they are compared to their counterpart in attack... DON'T SUICIDE THEM) I've yet to find an use to domes indeed. Maybe in late i will make them "anti-missile" center ? I figure, as it's a building, that it could be changed to become an heavy city boo…

  • 3 city countries defend interestingly well against early rushers due to the starting lvl 5 units, but in the long run, they are indeed doomed to be cattle. 4 cities are playable, though.

  • Before restricting countries to newer players (which i do agree with, to some extent), the Flashpoint for beginners should already be restricted to... beginners each Beginner flashpoint i check nowadays always has one or two "predators" that should be ashamed of even considering joining such a map.

  • People always kamikazed on each other massively since the game exist, and it was also a thing on the other games of Bytro. But i would find very fun that your guess is true and that the seasons has aggravated this behaviour. It would be the CoN equivalent of "Black Market make people suspend their survival instincts to get a TV 25% cheaper"

  • Bugged airassault

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    "FALL BACK" "RAAAAWWWWR" You should have read their description 88e38c4bf74589cdaab83a7a1031bfda.png You silly

  • I always thought so but as say the italians "Life is good because it's varied".

  • In my opinion, Germanico is right here. I would add that players feel that they are forced to "do something" as soon as they arrive, so they launch all they have on the closest country. It's just an "moderately skilled" player mindset. More experienced players focus on survival and long terme growth curve. This will not change

  • Sub alliances are fine. It's if they use the sub alliances to circumvent the wolfpack rules that it's bad. Report it to staff if it's the case.

  • Quote from Raf: “Shall add that you also need have so many CM launching units :), which are able to move close enough to navy without loses. So in theory CM has a chance, but in real game its impossible without awesome gold spending. Based on navy usually play "island" countries, which almost no need any other units in first part of game, playing as "land" country you need lot of other forces to expand and defend your expansion, so CM development till high level and building in huge amount just …

  • When it comes to Cruise missiles and bubble-piercing, 2 offensive damage or 200 000 000 000 000 000 000 don't make a difference. It made a difference when the bubble was reset after 1 minute on entity kill (not a huge difference, though). As now it's 10 minutes reload "whatever what is hit", the first is always bait, and only the point defense is relevant. Anything below the HP value = kill. At max level, 3 frigates + 2 DD has 15 PD, which means that "sometimes", the CM will go through, dependin…

  • My ladder takes into account the HP jump in comparative tier of CM. Which is exactly why, even with "similar tech", the level 4 forces to have 3 frigates to have efficient point defense (which is the only that matters truly)

  • Interestingly, due to the HP curve of CMs, i would nearly advocate to "nerf" frigates anti-missile in early, and buff it in late, in order to roughly keep the "you need 2 frigates per stack to stop passively similar tiered cruise misiles". Right now, it goes more like "between one and two in early", 3 in mid, 4 in late. 1.5 (instead of 2.5) Level 1-2. (2 frigates point defense) 2.5 (instead of 3.5) level 3. (2 frigates point defense/ 3 frigates if not teched) 3.5 (instead of 4) level 4 (3 frigat…

  • 4 conventional warheads 3 chemical warheads 2 nuclear warheads. Check tech info panel to see how much each type of missile consumes for each launch. (Higher tech missiles have increased warhead price)

  • TD's are trash and y'all know it

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    In the first IMP, my coalition mate used the NG+TD+MAA mix throughout early up to mid (day 18), and i was surprised by how efficient it was to field quickly an very large army. In the context of an reliable set of allies with their specialiation , he had a good role and the TD was really good at its job. It becomes increasingly deprecated in post T2, due to what Kalrakh pointed : an inf unit to synergise in defense. In challenges, we used them once, and they were not decisive and we should have …

  • Unit kill count

    Opulon - - Suggestions


    an potential easier solution for that (and maybe more elegant) may be to only keep the kill count of groups "large enough" (stack of 10 ground / 5 air / 5 sea) to be designated as "armies", or "fleets" (or air fleets). Big groups have ID that change less than individual units, for obvious reasons. It may be easier to track kill count for those big groups. Units inside die, are upgraded, are moved/separated, but the big group remains more stable Related Design idea : i know that "experience" was …