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  • Drones have a patrol range of 50, their sight range. Though thought they had 60 as sight range, but still not small.

  • Perhaps you want to join some alliance mates but had no free space before the first inactivity wave. On the long run two-three days of time loss are not that much anyway. If a map lasts 40 days or more for example, also in the early game you anyway have hardly enough resource to research all the time.

  • Drones got nerfed the hardest by the patrol rework, they have the biggest patrol range and therefore add the most range to AA-units range. For after begin of war scouting Special Forces are just better, stealthy from the start. But drones are cheap triggers to bait AA units.

  • cheaper "support" units

    Kalrakh - - Suggestions


    For proper sea combat and scouting AWACs are essential They have the advantage of being far more mobile as radar, of course you need to be carefull not to get in range of enemie frigs. Also AWACs can recon your shores in a huge range, on publics my team and I start in africa, we often place two rows of AWACs as coast guards around the continent.

  • Gold players

    Kalrakh - - General Discussion


    CoN is not even closely similar to a game like League of Legends, selling skins and stuff will hardly get you far, so it is pointless to compare those business models.

  • cheaper "support" units

    Kalrakh - - Suggestions


    Radars and AWACs are must have in Alliance Challenge and even in publics I generally build one of both units. Drones get rarely used, takes a lot effort to get them stealthy so during war they are hardly of any use, even more after the patrol rework.

  • Sokol had shown in his video, that he had agreed to the delayed start of war. So Firus statement that the whitewolf statement about the delayed start time has no right of life is quite quastionable from the start. Also he seems to imply, that Whitewolfs had vile plans about breaking the truce early themselves, without any reasons to support this claim. Whitewolf are part of the Graywolf family so hardly that unexperienced, that they would not know how delayed start dates work.

  • Firus explanation, why Sarmats attacked first, reads as follows (after translation): "If there are no hard restrictions in regards of war declaration, the young alliance (Whitewolves) was likely violate the agreement, so we of course violate the agreement first." I don't consider such reasoning even in the slightest reasonable, after all most our matches rely on such arranged war times, because day change tends to be at a bad time of day. The translation: 826241a1a214b03c916698f273536605.png

  • GENERAL UPDATE (191003)

    Kalrakh - - News and Updates



  • Are we in Kindergarten? Do the devs need to hold our hands? Elite Challenges are a fair goldfree playfield offered for us from the devs, including their oversight. They gain nothing from offering those Elite Challenges except a lot of work. Even if there are surely some issues with them, I'm thankful, that we got them. Even more if there are alliances who think, breaking agreed rules is fair game, just because it is possible. Do you lift a shop, just because there is an opportunity? It is very s…

  • Quote from Teburu: “Quote from Kalrakh: “On top it is quite pointless, because ships like destroyers have anti-stealth by default, so usability is quite limited. ” actually destroyer only reaveals stealthed submarines, so to see the stealthed officer you'd need naval awac... which btw can't even see submarines ” Yeah, my bad, my information was autodated, though cruisers seem to detect stealth with radar, even though they have no anti-stealth symbol.

  • "You know why I stole from you? I wanted to prevent you from stealing from me first." Breaking the agreed time of war, because the otherside could do that, is really a poor excuse. Such a poor reason, just shows, that there are no real balls of steel. If you had them, you would have waited for them to break the rules and then squash them anyway.

  • On top it is quite pointless, because ships like destroyers have anti-stealth by default, so usability is quite limited. But perhaps we will get stealth Elite Ships as seasonal units?

  • Missile launch systems

    Kalrakh - - Suggestions


    I think it also currently not technical possible, to create a building that can fire missiles. Same goes for buildings, that would offer AA-capabilities, for example.

  • Efficiency - what about?

    Kalrakh - - Questions & Answers


    The efficiency loss depends on the unit composition, sometimes a slight eficiency loss might be affordable, sometimes not.

  • Terrain is extremely important, mainly for ground troop tactics. - Movement speed can be essential to take advantage or getting yourself stuck. - Also the Bonuses can make a huge difference in close combat fight or when attack ground units with air.

  • To survive lay low, don't early rush and build up real forces, while be prepared to defend early rushers.

  • I get suicide rush quite often, happened on both Rising Tides maps for example. Reason might vary: - realisation, that he got a 3 city country and does not feel like playing it - thinking a Blitzkrieg might overwhelm the neighbour and offer success - multiaccount who just wants to empty the country for later pickup and tries to cause most possible destruction by doing so - pure cluelessness - just farming points: join map, suicide to get some kills, join next map, rince and repeat - probably oth…

  • The solution for real strategy gameplay already exists: Elite Alliance Challenge, once per month an alliance can request an Elite Alliance Challenge, which is guaranteed goldfree. Most players in publics games hardly know how to play, so real strategy is there hard to find anyway.

  • You get 4 missiles in one go though, talking about coventional, also their damage is much higher than damage any other unit would deal in one shot.