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  • Any new update on the Mercenary troops that was teased to be released this season since 4 weeks ago? or are they getting pushed toward Season 11 as a "new" unit(s) again?

  • Meme suggestion: Satellite Hammer Time (AKA the Vibe-checker) - It does 0.1 damage, yes. Literally 0.1 damage. Like a concentrated ray of light reflected by our satellite disc to burn your eye. "Fuck this guy in particular" is its motto. - Limited Mobilization: only 1 per game. - Unlimited Range. but can only fire once every 8 hours. Can fire toward unit or city. 5 radius splash damage like normal artillery. Its purpose: Vibe-checking stacks of healing unit to ensure that they adhere to the inte…

  • Elite Smart Missile

    vynical - - Suggestions


    So, a completely unnecessary new line of research with wasted resources & time to enable one extremely niche function for indecisive / jumpy people to change their mind within less than 20 mins (5 mins for x4 maps) upon missile launch? Sounds like a popular feature, idk. On par with NAWACs if released I'd wager.

  • What do you prefer?

    vynical - - General Discussion


    Solo because I can only trust myself and the rest are deadweights.

  • As long as they're not in the same alliance and they're different people (not multiple account), Doritos' stance on it is that it's legal. I raised this before when I get ganged on by 3 different coalitions in a Rising Tides game. I got the confirmation from one of them stating that they're a group of friends. Welp, still allowed. Think of it this way, they can convince/negotiate others to gang up on you without prior relationship and that counted as part of the strategy as well. Is it fair? No.…

  • Quote from Hakville: “it's pretty clear to me that the newspaper reports list individual units, one stack may be one or multiple units. ” Typically when it come to naval stack, as long as there's a battleship (corvette, frigate, cruiser, destroyer, sub, etc.) other than transport ship and it's a stack of 3 or more, the stack usually is named Task Force, only when it consists of purely Transport ship of land units does it go with the individual units shenanigans. For example, this was a 10 stack …

  • gameID=7005533 So, this is the stack: c1Exek.jpg It's supposed to be 5th Task Force, but on CoN Newspaper, the stack name is 5th Anti-Tank Division. And the stack is still alive, not well, but still alive: jv8Khu.jpg Also, even though the stack have several frigates & corvettes, it deal 0 damage to my subs for some reasons. I'm all for it but clearly it seems like a bug: Wor2bG.jpg Damage display vs. detailed damage of the stack: 8lTtWP.jpg

  • Everybody is being toxic

    vynical - - General Discussion


    Just follow the ages old commandment: "Thou shall not provide trolls with sustenance" The fact that you use the word "toxic" and admit to "gotten into 4 or 5 dramas" kinda explains itself. Buddy, maybe you yourself is the reason for such dramas to start in the first place?

  • How does stealth work?

    vynical - - Questions & Answers


    I'm jumping on KFGauss googling bandwagon: Googling " stealth" returns the following links: Stealth Detection Question about stealth planes Stealth, AAs & Missiles Stealth, Special Forces and War State And several more. They might help you answer your question.

  • PATCH NOTES 2304.25

    vynical - - News and Updates


    I think the patch got a stroke: fp9Re8.jpg hUEoKe.jpg

  • Aww, get a room you two. Bring in 30 of your NGs too. May as well make it a party.

  • MVP

    vynical - - Bug Reports & Issues


    I got the same issue and posted in this thread Basically it's due to a calculation bug when splitting and merging stacks of units. Instead of properly splitting the number when you split a stack to several stacks, the game must've keep the number the same across stack then add them up again as the small stacks merge back.

  • I do agree on the point that some old elite units could be revisited and revamped by skipping one season or so from releasing new unit. Sub AIP being one. I had to double and triple check their stats and features and feels like they're outmatched at their own release. Their range is still 50 even at T3 where even corvette, freaking corvette can outrange them. Their electronic cost is abysmal. Their HP is half of their normal sub counterpart at double the cost. They need a lvl 5 naval base at T3.…

  • Advice for attacking

    vynical - - General Discussion


    Yeah, basically he built himself a decent hard counter to your army composition. In order to get out of this the only way is to surpass him in activity and hit him when he's sleeping. To figure out his activity patterns, read in-game CoN News and you'll have a decent idea of his daily schedule. In a hail mary attempt you can sacrifice 1 plane to get his patrolling plane lands, then slam your entire force plus the kitchen sink on his capital

  • Digging up this post to update my personal solo win record jjeyj6n3hora1.png Some gold was used to buy early rare mat (2.3k gold). Otherwise it's too slow for me.

  • Gold limits

    vynical - - General Discussion


    From the perspective of Dorado or game dev in general, losing a couple of free-to-play players is a necessary evil for the game to survive via the revenue coming in by whale golders. The olive branch they gave to free-to-play players are an abundance of games, the ability to join multiple games and the archival function. Losing sucks, yes, but that's par for the course at this point. If someone burns out from it, they're a little bit too competitive and takes winning and losing the game way too …

  • I seem to have found the issue, merged my single SAM in the screenshot above with another stack then split it up again, no additional kills, the number of enemies destroyed for both the single SAM and the SAM stack increased: vMpf6t.jpg The issue is most likely from the formula used to calculate the stats during merging and splitting up stacks of the same unit. the ASFs got moved around in several different stacks quite a bit hence its huge number

  • My overall K/D went down slightly but I got around 5 stealth ASF kills and 10 stealth SF kills, which is pretty rare in public games. The total unit kills number should be around 300-400 maximum, not sure why it jumped that high for those screenshots above. I didn't keep track of my rank before joining the game so idk but I don't think it affected rank much since the number kill for this game a drop in the bucket considering the total XP number. I was baiting the other team to fire some nuke at …

  • I'm currently playing a pretty intense Overkill game with ASF dog fights, SAMs, stealth planes galore. Somehow 2 of my ASF stack racked up these numbers after 32 days which is pretty impossible. argMhf.jpg ydm7fz.jpg I thought it counts the number of enemies, has there been a change and the type of enemies also influence the result? Other surprising screenshots: JwN0Rb.jpg RdG0Ye.jpg

  • Quote from Rainmaker2112: “The possible outcomes are: 1. Your spy get's away with the act un-caught (they won't know it was you) 2. Your spy get's caught but doesn't talk (they won't know it was you) 3. Your spy get's caught and does talk (they will see who sent the spy) It depends on chance. ” You're talking about normal spying. OP is referring to the paid-spy (Field Agent) action that costs him 1000 gold. These action 100% will be successful and since I was on the receiving end of it before, i…