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  • I think 1 corvette just cant kill 6 units. Its too weak. A level 1 corvette has an attack power of 5. 6 transport units have 72 Hit Points. It would therefore take the corvette 14.2 hours to kill the transport stack. The transports will have landed long before the corvette can kill the transports. Thats my understanding of the situation. I could be wrong though.

  • Your ally was probably not at war with the country that landed in your city. If that is the case, then your ally's navy will not attack the landing units. Get him to declare war on your enemy. Then it will work. It may also be possible that your ally's navy is too weak to kill the landing units. I think that If the total hit points of the landing units are quite a lot, then something like a corvette wont be able to kill them - only damage them. You really didnt give us enough information on the …

  • Crazy Economic Score

    Underworld3 - - General Discussion


    How is it possible to have an economic score that is over 7 times greater than a military score. My economy is usually the strongest in almost any game I play and it is only about a third the score of my military. There are 2 examples of crazy economic scores in the top 10 players. One player has a military score of just over 100k and an economic score of almost 750k. Can someone explain to me how I can achieve an economy that is 7x greater than my military and have a win? % of over 82%. I would…

  • 1. I find the purple overlaid patrol rings for units impossible to see on top of the other colours. Particularly when its overlaid on the red of enemy territory. You have no idea how difficult it is to see. Is there any possibility of using a very different colour for this? perhaps yellow? It would require testing, but honestly, I find it so frustrating. 2. Additionally, the patrol rings for stealth strike fighters (in addition to being purple) have no outer outline unlike some other units like …