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CoN World Championship Tournament

2 2,442


A guaranteed way for Dorado to make 2x more money per map and provide what players ask for years

5 2,611


Event za tokeny

1 1,907


Bug that prolongs maps and mess with ranking, make servers busy for years

0 +1 663

When joining game, we should know what wars has country we pick, before we confirm

1 1,899


Option to dissolve troop

4 +1 810


In mobile app its not possible to queue building in provinces

0 243

Players ranking REVOLUTION - economy points balancing (for building the buildings)

5 +1 1,269


Flag of own nation on the list of own games to differ them easily

0 349

How much points to economy ranking, gives each building?

5 +1 1,825


Neutral bot should take away own troops, when we conquer the land it stands on

0 +1 278

Tool of measuring the distance on the map, from one point to the other

3 +2 876


Bug of not updating the time of arriving, when province on the way changes the owner?

0 211

Recon vehicles does not show exact 'seeing range' as planes or artillery does

8 1,322


Problem with hard to see 'blue patrol circle' before placing it on the map

3 +1 754


Info on when we last log in to map on desktop version, same as it is on mobile version

0 624

On list of games, flag of country I play and short title to add

0 495

Info on who is active when 5 or less players remain

19 +2 5,347


Maps with x0.25 speed, four times slower than x1

1 +3 552

Dealer of Death

Issue with unwanted selecting cities on mobile in cities view

0 586