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  • Quote from KFGauss: “Crush one enemy. Surprise, confuse, & distract the other. ” Or just send five full armor/mechanised stacks to simply roll through (without stopping to hold) the enemy's cities, and send them scrambling to recapture/regroup their units. Great method to send a powerful coalition into turmoil late-game. It's expensive and you'll lose 75% of those units, but you'll raise some hell. After that, it's just a matter of getting the inevitable insurgents under control.

  • Anyone use ASW Helicopters

    KaliCat - - General Discussion


    Quote from Rainmaker2112: “I have trouble seeing how these things are useful... Sure, they have good stats vs. submarines, but you can solve a submarines problem with destroyers, your own submarines, or naval patrol aircraft just about as well and these other units have other very useful qualities (destroyers can siege cities and fight ships fairly well, submarines dominate, naval patrol planes have huge sonar scanning radius) I really can't think of a scenario where ASW helicopters are the best…

  • Quote from bobqz: “No immediate penalty, maybe it would come back to haunt you if you have too many wars or kill too many civilians. I do it all the time. ” I'm still remembering the time I trampled all of the Middle East and East Africa.

  • With the upcoming update, I think that we also need to consider helicopter carriers, I'm thinking DDH-183 Izumo?

  • Quote from JohnFKennedy: “great i love the air assault concept also how expensive will the heli carrier be can it carry air assualts too. and the normal carrier i rlly think that u should let ur allies use it too. ” Nice as it would be, say an ally of yours just puts NSFs on your carrier, then never removes them. That just ends up taking 5 spots on your carrier.

  • Not gonna lie, the city redistribution kinda bummed me out, since Hiroshima was effectively replaced by Tsushima; I really liked having an extra homeland component city.

  • Quote from Big bad Wolf: “Sounds great how do I change my username I can't figure it out ” "That's the neat part, you don't"