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  • The fact that Greenland gets a 1000 point strategic province as a player controlled state while the other strategic provinces are in the hands of AI seems a little strange

  • It would be cool if there was a way of assigning military units to groups, such as a division or a corps. Assigning them to that group and then later selecting that group, maybe through the search bar or by clicking on an icon, would select all units assigned to that group. IMO this would make organization of military units much easier. Officers could also be integrated.

  • You can use air-mobile infantry if there is an airfield in range, or you can use marine infantry to capture the land without harbors or pontoons.

  • I think he means that Antarctica hasn’t developed enough to be comparable to South Korea, which is a developed country.

  • I don’t think there is anyway to change your country if you already selected one. The only way I can think of how is if you do nothing as Belarus for two hours. The system will remove you from the game for inactivity and you can go back to select a new country I think?

  • Plane Stamina

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    I've just experienced this, my naval recon planes would fly to a patrol point, then immediately turn around and go back to base, it didn't attack anything or engage in combat at all. It has to be a bug

  • AI doesn't tend to change relations with other player countries, I've only seen AI change from Right of Way to Peace after a coalition member goes inactive. And I think the Rogue State is an exception in that it will continue to be at war with you even if all territories are taken, since it could sprout back up at any time.

  • Ethnic unification

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    Quote from Hollow Light: “Quote from Opulon: “Hello, i would be against it for two reasons : 1°) It forces to add a layer of data, which is ethnic groups, over the map. It's complicated, and is basically a new feature. 2°) The feature is perfectly fine in itself, and reasonable, but i can smell from here a very special kind of people to be drawn to feel they are legitimate with certain displays of idea in the newspaper, or here. ” 1) i fully understand that those kind of suggestions take a lot o…

  • My opinion of tank destroyers is that they are fast defensive/support units. Because they can be airlifted, they can quickly meet the enemy if necessary. I wouldn't use them on offense, that role is reserved for tanks and/or AFV/ACVs. In an ideal situation the tank destroyer would be positioned in a city or suburbs, discouraging enemy armoured units from entering, or they can delay the advance of armoured divisions. They don't have the same stopping power as tanks, though, which is why I still u…

  • favorite scenario

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    My favorite is World War 3 or World War 2020, I can't do x4 games because I can't get on my game that often.

  • Personally, I'm not a real big fan of all these AI flashpoints, mostly for real life reasons, since it kinda makes countries seem less like their real life counterparts than before, but other than that it'll be interesting and the balance changes are always getting better.

  • I guess you could also pm them out of game, but yeah it would be a lot easier to be able to message them in-game.

  • I think it’s unrealistic in the fact that I’m giving cars and guns to people in a captured enemy city that I nationalized in two days, especially since the city was below 30% morale and technically rebellious. Doing that in such short time is unrealistic I believe.

  • In my experience it is really useful but is also unrealistic. I played a game as Thailand and got invaded from two sides by both Myanmar and Vietnam, it soon got into a confusing mess and I used the nationalization feature on some of their cities I captured and within two days I was able to mobilize national guards and beat them both. So yes, it is unrealistic and needs a change, but shouldn’t be removed altogether.

  • Russia needs buff

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    Quote from akara211: “Russia is too weak for that land mass. It has very small army compared to it's size. It would be better if Russia gets transport system right in the start and have bigger army in the start. I'm lvl45 and it's challenging for the first time. ” So you are saying Russia needs a buff? A nerf is the opposite. And Russia is indeed very large, but if it were to get buffed like that then other countries like the US or China would need to get buffed, too.

  • Special Forces Ambushing

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    Hey all, I had a dilemma in one of my recent games. According to my intel, enemy units were being airlifted into a province that my special forces were in. Given that special forces do significantly less in defense than in offense, and that I had to get offline and couldn’t stay online to actually attack the landing enemy units, my special forces basically sat in the province and did much more poorly than if I had given the attack order, but the units hadn’t landed yet. My wish is perhaps for an…

  • This was done intentionally, it's not a bug. The point being that, if you don't know if a playable country is active or not, you'll treat it as if it was an active player.

  • Quote from Germanico: “Sounds very strange indeed. Did you per chance only "secure" the nation without actually moving any units? Always move units or the system will think you "churned" the map (we have players who simply peek into a game). In these cases of no "first" action our system will reset the player slot and offer it to someone else. ” This would be a good explanation, but in both games I was moving units, making army bases and arms industries, researching, creating coalitions, messagi…

  • Hey all, Last night I joined a x4 world game as Russia. I intended to try out the new officers which were added in. I did what needed to be done and got off my computer. The next day (which was a few minutes ago from me writing this) I got back on my computer only to find that the game has disappeared from my game list. It wasn't in my archive, either. This has happened to me before, in fact. About 1-2 weeks ago I joined a game as South Africa with a friend and we created a coalition together. I…

  • Championship questions

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    Quote from OwiHH: “Quote from Kalrakh: “Rules did not change, so no ” how can i see the difference btw AI that can be played or not? ” If the country has more than one city, it is a playable nation. If the country only has one city, it is and will be AI controlled for the whole game. The only exception to this is Madagascar