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  • Thank you very much!

  • Is there a published list of coalition VP requirements by coalition size and map? I found one in a wiki but it doesn't have the Overkill 4x game listed. Specifically I need to know the VP requirement for a 3 person coalition and there are none in my current game (Overkill 4x). There is interest between the last two groups to mix and match players to end the game without grinding down each other.

  • It does, thank you very much!

  • @Germanico So, to kind of restate what you said to make sure I'm understanding it correctly, you do not get full credit for that unit's firepower if you stack into the yellow, but you do get full credit for that unit's HP during combat? Also, in that scenario, say with 11 infantry, do you still get full credit for the first 10 and only the 11th is reduced, or does having 11 reduce the entire stack? And thank you in advance for your always helpful replies.

  • I'm just wondering, are there any benefits to over stacking units? I'm in a game now were a much more experienced player has 3 stacks, one naval, one air and one ground, all over stacked but all with an officer too. Makes me think there must be some benefit that surpasses the loss in efficiency? My searches on this subject did not yield anything helpful. More HP to divide out damage? What exactly are the effects of reduced efficiency, besides movement speed?

  • Yes, I consider this resolved/answered etc. Thank you and everyone else that chimed in. "He thinks you're some sort of 'Buckaroo'"

  • Ahhhh.... I did not think about that. Thank you! "Then I shall need... TWO wives."

  • @Fereyd: I totally read your comment in the voice of Captain Ramius lol

  • Yes it does. I use a planes radar, even if just a fighter, to spot for artillery. I don't remember if you have to manually tell it to fire at a blip on the radar, since the identity isn't known as an enemy, but if you know it's an enemy and you tell it to attack, it will.

  • First units to arrive were airmobile infantry with recon. The reinforcements that arrived later were regular infantry with another recon. His units were also regular infantry. So.... ~shrug~ lol

  • Speaking of who gets there first, how are cities awarded if two players jointly conquer it? This was in the same game, but different city then mentioned above. I arrived first to a city, the US player joined later, then more of my units arrived. The event log credited me with taking out the final defender, yet the city was given to the US player. So I was there first, I got the final hit on the defenders (if that counts for anything), yet the city went to someone else. My first to arrive unit di…

  • Interesting. I thought - or maybe assumed(?) that a stack was just resolved as a several one one battles. More of a time saver to have them in a stack. In looking at how damage is taken in a stack... the defender gets one attack and that damage is.... divided evenly??? among all units in the stack? Or is it one defense against each unit type if the stack is a combo?

  • Accidental war with RoW

    OneCosmicGuy - - Questions & Answers


    Okay, it just happened again about 20 minutes ago (when I started this) and I can't figure this one out. I am Greece, he is the United States. The game ID is 2,519,555. The event log shows he declared war on me. The CON says he crossed my boarders. He has only one unit in my territory and that was there hours ago (Norway area). We have no other contact. He is generally not active this time of day and is probably offline. Something to look at: The city of Stavanger in Norway. He had a airmobile g…

  • Okay, consider me educated on the fact now and I will use it with that understanding. Thank you all. That actually does raise a question I have been meaning to look for, if someone knows: Is there a difference in how combat is resolved if you have a stack of two attacking a unit vs two stacks of one attacking the same unit, if that makes sense. Will it resolve differently as two units attacking at different times vs both attacking at once?

  • @Yak: I check the events log all the time, but not the news. The events only show me that the other player changed their status. Sometimes there is no mention at all. None. Maybe on those times it's my splash damage causing it? I'll try to look in the news more often to see if it identifies what triggered it. @Germanico: Awesome! Great to know. I would actually be okay (kind of lol) if the splash damage still happened, but didn't auto trigger war with a friendly country. A notification would be …

  • I agree with the idea of splash damage but after some very frustrating experiences with suddenly being at war with people I have RoW with, I believe it should not trigger war. Damage the units, and give the users notification, like when a cruise missile attacks a unit in your territory, even if it's not your unit, you are alerted. An alert that your taking splash damage could let you move a unit or something. As it is now, when it auto-triggers war with people you are working with, and there is …

  • The most recent time could have been splash damage. My plane landed to refuel at a city that was battling an insurgent. There was a ship off the coast that MAY have fired. If that is the case, there needs to be some feedback to each player to let them know what is happening. If that was the cause in this one example, we need to know. Otherwise, we get these mysterious wars declared and have no idea what triggered it, so as the user, we just feel like it's a glitch in the game and get frustrated,…

  • New Aircraft

    OneCosmicGuy - - Questions & Answers


    The A-10 is my favorite plane so I'd love to see it in the game, and yes, it definitely does unbalance any ground engagement LOL, but it would be a strike aircraft so in terms of the game, so how would it vary from the current strike aircraft? They are all just labels for a generic planes in the game. It's not like the game models specific aircraft, it's just familiar labels to make it more fun I guess. That said, something labeled the A-10 would be very fun for me!

  • Okay this is REALLY frustrating me. *FOUR* times in the last three days the game as set war with someone I have RoW with. Two different games, three different people. All of us are confused. I have had no ground units in their territory, only aircraft. I've lost over 20 air and helicopter units to suddenly not having any base to attach to anymore, which in and of itself is kind of stupid that they instantly crash yet they can patrol for hours without landing. There should be some kind of grace p…

  • So you can not make separate units arrive at the same place at the same time then? Messing with the slider individually, I can manually get it close but never exact. It's not precise enough for that.