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  • Id be interested in such a game.

  • The portion of the manual that describes combat mechanics does a very good job of explaining how they work for units on the ground or at sea attacking and defending against units on the ground and at sea. However, there is one kind of combat in this game that the manual does not address, and that I think it would be helpful for the manual to cover. -Aircraft (planes or helicopters) attacking aircraft Additionally, it is not always clear in the manual's description of a few kinds of combat when a…

  • I wish it'd been more than 'just' a weekend-length event. It seems like the devs put a lot of time into making the scenario, and I wish I had had the opportunity to experience it.

  • Steam Account Issue

    RasczakRough - - Questions & Answers


    I opened CON in the Steam browser, and accidentally created a new CON account that seems to be linked to my steam account in terms of name and password. How can I log out of this account in the Steam browser and log in to the account I've been using since I started playing your game? Deleting the downloaded files and reinstalling them did not work.

  • Early game help

    RasczakRough - - Questions & Answers


    I believe they start with as many as you do. However, they have less territory to defend than you do, and fewer fronts to think about. Think not just about how to engage them, but where to do it, when to do it, and whether you want to go it alone or with allies. Your success or failure in the game is directly based on your ability to conduct military maneuvers and engagements at the operational level, but operational success requires strategic thought and planning.

  • Tactics and stratagies

    RasczakRough - - General Discussion


    Quote from Bohemianation: “South America, North America, Africa, The islands north of Australia??? ” I suggest going for Indonesia and the other islands North of Australia. Look, you could go for Africa or India or South America, but either way, you're going to have a gigantic hole in your flank because you in all likelihood cannot control that much open ocean while developing enough amphibious and armored/mechanized formations to take serious enemy territory. That opens your homeland cities (ex…

  • now its proportional to how much you're healing it, as opposed to a flat rate

  • Quote from Cycle0: “Think in terms of the player who is not online every 15 minutes of every hour of the day. ” If theyre not online, it's not gonna matter because they won't be in a position to tell their units to return fire anyways. Since you're asking for my experience, I have yet to play against an opponent who's able to use counter-air units effectively, so I've never really needed it. I consider artillery too expensive in time to research in the early game, when I could be researching str…

  • I think you make another good, if somewhat unintentional point. Strategic units sometimes have some force of ground security to provide light protection against other units. We see it in offensive units like missile TELs, which have a very small amount of damage they do to hostile ground units attacking them. It is seems to me that anti-aircraft units should be able to do the same thing.

  • [Concept] Choose start units

    RasczakRough - - Suggestions


    What if the player didn't start with the units mobilized but started with the infrastructure and research completed such that they could be produced on day 1? That would slow things down a bit (though it'd still be way faster than it is now) and force people to think strategically about what units they want to start out able to produce.

  • B-2 stealth bomber

    RasczakRough - - Questions & Answers


    @Germanico I like the Mirage IV as a strategic bomber- it's not from the UK, and it's not from the 1950s Alternatively, you could make the first tier strategic bomber either the English Electric Canberra or the Sud Aviation Vautour (which entered service in 1958 and was replaced by the Mirage IV in the 1960s). As a third option, if Australia is a European Doctrine state (I don't recall if it is), you could make the highest tier strategic bomber the F-111. Some variants of it had the nuclear miss…

  • Submarines (SSN past lvl 3 and SSBN past lvl 2) use no oil, so for maritime forces they continue to be your best bet, though their utility in the largely coastal waters of the Med is somewhat questionable.

  • Quote from Germanico: “it will require an overhaul of the missile code. ” How high of a priority is this code overhaul for the dev team? (I respectfully hope it's higher on the to-do list than the aircraft carrier code overhaul)

  • Quote from Opulon: “Ouch, indeed, that sounds unpleasant. Point Defense is supposed to be effective. You know, to "reward" you for good positioning ” What do you mean by the point defense mechanic and good positioning? I always thought that the better doctrine was to put my ABM hardware in a province adjacent to the city I want to defend (so long as its within range), to make it harder for the enemy to knock out the ABM hardware. Is there a better strategy I should be implementing?

  • @Germanico what do you mean by Quote from Germanico: “on live ” ??

  • @Yak so going forward, radar-equipped 'scout units' like AWACS, TDS, and ground radar won't just reveal the presence of a unit- they'll also reveal type and composition?

  • That is...exactly what patrol means, as far as I know. It tells the aircraft to orbit a point you pick, and when it sees units it's able to damage, it attacks them. I think the fix you are looking for would be to use an aircraft that is not capable of attacking the units you want to watch for as your patrol aircraft. I recommend a low-level UAV if you're just looking to watch a city, or an AWACS if you want radar and a larger patrol radius.

  • Thank you @Yak and the entire dev team for addressing the unit loss issue, and best of luck with the bug hunt!

  • Hello! I appreciate the work you and the devs are doing to address this issue. However, your fix did not work for me. I am in game 2168496, player name "RASCZAKROUGHNECK", playing as the United Kingdom. I lost 9 strike fighters at over 90% health grouped into 2 wings that were attacking motorized infantry targets in the Ukrainian SSR.

  • Quote from Raven Prince: “And how could a viable condition to win be achievable through pure economic means??? ” @Germanico described CoN as "a PvP operational war game" earlier today. I don't think it's an operational war game if you can win it through economic means without fighting other countries. Phrased differently, (imho) no such condition exists.