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  • @Opulon - Thanks a lot for checking this !!! Wow, it's so surprising ... even worse if I lost so many cities because of morale, and I'm an active player ... and in the cities of halifax, quebec and washington, I've had enough troops for almost 30 days,and I can't believe that this is possible without enemy agents ! Whatever it is not normal for me ...I had a good healthy towns with strong industry...It is very strange that after 2 days 15-20 cities are burning due to the decline of morale…

  • I also support the idea of coalitions, an excellent segment that makes the game more interesting!

  • Hi, To be honest, I am very disappointed with the game because of this problem ... you are playing for 2 months and then someone kills the game with this. 2008238

  • Regards I want to point out a big failure in this game, I want to get this option in balance as soon as possible! Namely, the option regarding the RECRUIT AN AGENT - SABOTAGE and CORRUPTION is not balanced at all, so a player who does not enter the game for 24 hours can accumulate around ~ 80K $ and hire 8 agents that will do huge damage to the opposite player. So if you were super strong army force, Active player for 45 days on the server and won/conquered over 70 cities, an inactive enemy play…