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  • Where is your nick from?

    Germanico - - Off Topic


    I am a German Nico

  • It depends on the scenario / map. In order to prevent tiny nations with very few cities (players don't like them) we are forced to "group" certain countries to allow them to be playable. No bad intent or political motive - just balancing. //G

  • Game 3027928 not loading

    Germanico - - Questions & Answers


    Duplicate Closed

  • Spies can report communications between you and other players. Now usually players don't communicate the exact positions for one simple reason - all coalition members can see them anyway. So that's out of the question really. This implies someone is probably framing you as a "suspect" to get you out of the coalition and potentially attack you. Not unheard of - and not sportsmanlike, but nothing we can do because it's not against the rules.

  • @Buckeyechamp we deliberately set up rules. Like all rules they can be broken or bent. That's why we follow up and have the last say. Simple rule to rule all rules: "it's our decision and ours alone. We don't need to justify because we make the rules of the game." So if you or others believe it's in the wording alone - good luck with that. Going against players who are using gold and inviting others directly or implicitly to attack said person for said reason (and no, it's not about the gold wor…

  • Will investigate @kurtvonstein please drop us a ticket so we can follow it up easily. Thx

  • Rotation game

    Germanico - - Questions & Answers


    We do not rotate games every week. We do it as we see fit and do not publish beforehand.

  • Unfair Moderating

    Germanico - - Bug Reports & Issues


    Hello @KaiWolff, no I will not ban you. And yes, maybe I was a bit harsh to close the topic - I may reopen it if you want, editing the nazi EU sentence. Matter of fact, with Germany always being packed into the Nazi corner and the fascist resurgence here in Europe we need to make a stand. Although many news sites always state “alt-right” or far right, if someone calls for the restriction of democratic liberties, press, freedom of movement and the destruction of people that is not conservative ri…

  • World at War

    Germanico - - General Discussion


    Yeah... Nazi EU... Right. A day after a fascist just gunned down 10 people in Germany. Sometimes I just need to close threads.

  • But defaming a player and ranting against gold use is a clear breach of our terms. Please write us an ingame ticket and in it tell us who did what when. Thank you //G

  • We have no hackers in the game. We have players telling you all sorts of stories to gain an upper hand....

  • This button secretly measures your brainwaves and then runs them through our big-data AI to ensure maximum confusion . It's all part of the bigger picture - the game within the game.

  • Tech difficulties.

    Germanico - - Questions & Answers


    Just because someone claims to be an " awesome russian hacker" most probably disqualifies from being exactly that. We have players pretending to be all sorts of things: hackers, staff, agents, police, tax authority - you name - we got it. Please write an in-game ticket and we will handle the "tough hackerz" Suffering from not loading games is a different topic.... And quite assuredly not related to anything a player writes.

  • We’re removing these coup d’etat news soon(tm)

  • Good luck with your reconnaissance and early defense capability. But in times of clash of clans rushes many players don’t seem to believe in those. To their detriment, as they usually find out very quickly... haha.

  • torpedos

    Germanico - - Suggestions


    Obviously. No WW2 game here. And even in WW2 deck-gun attacks were rare. The new AIP subs we introduced have anti air capability - and these are of course short range missiles.

  • 3017029

    Germanico - - Bug Reports & Issues


    We are overhauling the large 128 player maps currently. One reason is to avoid this balancing method in the future - because it isn't fun.

  • Thanks @Kranzegrad - and I just had to laugh after looking this up myself! In fact I believe you found a nice little UI bug... It should read "+(PLUS) 25%" or "+100%". Actually, the way we spell the benefit in the building description players seemingly GET PENALIZED for building it. eg. RecOffice Level 1: 25% Mobilization Speed would mean you now only mobilize at 25% speed. Only at level 5 would players reach normal 100% according to the description. Sorry for this confusion... Will add to fix l…

  • It's not really a benefit - maybe you can gain a few minute IF the target is somewhere along a air transport route... The ability to immediately take off again (without conquering the territory) was important to us, to allow airmobile units to retain their "quick deployment" focus and playstyle. Should a player need to get airborne assistance quick, it wouldn't have been cool to first wait until the deployment was done... Obviously if all troops are spread out it will take time to get them back …

  • SAMs are Surface to Air Missiles (they basically go up and towards the target) whereas the Mobile Anti Air Unit usually employs short range direct line of fire options - hence it is hindered by terrain. Hope that explains it.