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  • Quote from SodaChill: “He was a member of a coalition who left on good terms (timed out). ” That's always sort of is a dirty-dog move, if you ask me. I think only once have I turned on someone who timed-out and never returned. Its hard when you have one, maybe two solid friends who you can routinely coordinate and play maps with - so you invite in a rando to join the coalition in the map (when they seem to have more than three brain-cells to rub together). I'm not sure what is worse - turning on…

  • Quote from PerigeeNil: “Hmmmm... okay, so a few of you are saying that you never get suicide rushed like that, which suggests to me that I am definitely doing something that inspires people to do that. ” I am also not sure if some people believe they are on a suicide attack. Without solid intel, the best someone can do (even an experienced player) is guestimate an adversarial defense based on the content of their city developments, and perhaps by reading the CONnews casualty reports (it helps me…


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    Page refresh - computer re-start;l same result: 0/2000. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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    Are others getting their season points? I've been crushing AI and player units, but somehow still remain at 0/2000. Anyone else have any issues with that since starting?

  • I've been playing this game for a while now, and while there certainly are many strategies (and the dev's also continuously upgrade the game), but I will at least give you my two cents worth (though Germanico has already given you his sage advice). It took me a while to recognize that what really wins long games is the economy. In the early days of a map (say, days 1 - 10) initially what seems to occur is the "mad rush" to acquire territory. Depending which country you are and where you start, y…

  • My morale is %99.8 and my global popularity is %66.3; for comparison, the Insurgent Leader's global popularity is %67... He is at war with everyone while I am at war with no one. I tell a lie - an AI country declared war on me a week ago. So aside from that. But I agree, they are meaningless stats.

  • OK, I guess an update for the like, two people following this thread... We're on day 13; today the "most beloved leader" poll has come out: #1 - Norway. The facts: - Human player that I believe went inactive - At war with 2 nations - Average morale is 63.5% Denmark (AI - country was never selected) is #2 with morale at 93.67%. My average morale is 95.34% and I am not even on the list. More data that the stats are just... thrown together??

  • Germanico had replied to me in a thread once when it came to in game notifications. I was getting notifications that my city was attacked and suffering civilian casualties (I had not taken the city yet), then the next notification was that my military unit had eliminated the (whatever enemy unit) and the third notification was that we had captured the city. To me it seemed backwards to be trigger the "your city of... was attacked & reporting civilian casualties" before I had technically captured…

  • I would say anytime you give someone you don't know / don't fully trust ROW... the second you see them deploying forces to your various cities across the map...dead giveaway, my friend. Generally speaking, regardless of the situation or alliance, I always prefer to leave reserves back in the rear to guard my cities and homeland (even if there is no immediate threat there).

  • Oh... Well, I like to join abandoned games around day 4/5. I find it more fun, its like a grab bag. I took over Cuba, who's predecessor had already taken Haiti (and subsequently let Port au Prince fall to the insurgency). So that was the situation I was dealt. But other nations are screaming across Europe / Middle East leaving large swaths of territory in flames. So there is no way whatever the person before me did to Haiti in the opening days of the game could lead the nation to be on top of th…

  • Exactly - thats why it was weird to me. Well, as the game rolls on and overall population morale increases (already near 80% now) I will see how the polls keep shaking out.

  • What is the deal with the newspaper & stats? I often rely on the newspaper for intel but I am not sure if it is accurate now: - I am playing a purely defensive game as an island nation in order to test methods of morale enhancement and overall economic production; I literally am at war with no one except the insurgent leader, yet on Day 8 I am the "most hated leader" in the CON poll? Does the first place spot just auto-default to you when you play? The economy stats seem legit, so whats up with …

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  • I find that not only are hospitals / field hospitals good for healing stacks near the front lines, but if you are capturing significant portions of enemy territory, the morale boost given to cities and provinces is key. When I capture a city the first thing I build / repair is a recruiting center (for morale purposes and its completed in about 30ish min if you have enough resources to start immediate construction). The second thing I build is a hospital, again for the morale it provides, increas…

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    Great pics - Wow - day 72! Nice. This brings me to something I've been thinking about for a while and it's semi-related to lengthy games. I think the longest game I've played was perhaps 36 or so days. For context, I enjoy joining a game on around day 5 and picking an abandoned nation just to see what I get and do what I can with it. That's where I find the fun - trying to turn around a game on a random pick. But for me, this game and its game play really are about economy. To get a decent econo…

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    I mean, do what you want to - but from my humble perspective, does KDR and other 'stats' matter much if you are having fun?? If part of your fun are those stats, I get it then I guess.

  • AH - now that makes sense Forgive my idiocy.

  • With the ever-evolving'ness, is there a reason the report a bug function is not working? Tried to report a server-lag issue (little flashing orange server icon) that still deducted gold from my coffers, but not actually doing anything (was trying to rush research, but nothing happened). When I went to report a bug, there was no way to type in the fields (or even select the fields to type) yet the countdown clock for reporting the buy was ticking down from 30 seconds... Not sure how you're suppos…