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  • Multi Account!

    PrinceofHonor - - Bug Reports & Issues


    I am closing this thread as this type of matter doesn't get discussed in the forums, please fill out a bug report with the player's names in question and as much detail as possible and a Game Operator will check in to it.

  • Cheating player

    PrinceofHonor - - Bug Reports & Issues


    If you feel someone is cheating please fill-out a support ticket include the player in question's name, what they are doing, and such, and a member of the staff can look into it. The forum is not the place to discuss it, also gold use isn't cheating as it helps to pay for the servers and other fees associated with building and maintaining a game.

  • Just wanted to add an update on this I am now the Senior Moderator for CoN so any questions or issues with the mod staff feel free to come to me.

  • Update stats

    PrinceofHonor - - Questions & Answers


    I do not think we can add to the stats, you can always submit a bug report and we can possibly figure out why it didn't get added. Were you in a coalition when you won? Did you retire the match in a position other than 1st in one of your games?

  • Yes, we are having an issue, the devs are working on a resolution.

  • I have closed this thread as this needs to be handled though a support ticket and this player has been advised of that. We are working with them in a private conversion as well so no need for anymore threads on this issue. Thanks.

  • disppear!

    PrinceofHonor - - Bug Reports & Issues


    If you have created a new account accidentally please follow these steps. If you need help or clarification please reply. 1) First step is to check if you remember your login name and password. You can do this by visiting in any browser (A private or incognito window is necessary if you are logged in already) and trying the login menu in the upper right corner of desktop, or bottom center if on mobile. If you are sure of your username and password you can skip to step 3. 2)…

  • You can spy on your allies if you are talking about in-game coalitions. However, each spy has a chance to get caught, and some will also tell who they worked for which would mean that that player has a good chance to know you were responsible for said spy. Also, with spies they can each either fail or succeed at a mission and not always going to give you something useful like their messages, and those messages could be from a period of time that may be outside of the time they were in your coali…

  • Just figured I should introduce myself to the community so that you know a little about me. I am new to CoN, I come from CoW where I have been a mod, game operator and am now a senior game operator. I love a challenge and can have some place between 8 to 10 games going at once rare occasions I have more. I enjoy trying to recreate things and find bugs so that the devs can find a solution. Provide me with a problem and I will continue at it until I get a resolution. I enjoy being part of a commun…