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  • Splash damage I suppose It’s not exactly clear the nature of the bug. It is possible that BM in general is meant to attack ships but they can’t on PC

  • Doctrine bonuses are already a thing in-game

  • Quote from Laur: “Does none of you know you can shoot ballistic missiles at ships? Because I did not either, and I was mad to see I was being targeted with naval units by ballistic missiles. 1 nuclear BaM hit can destroy an entire stack of 5 units. I find it unfair though that in Reseach you may read "Missile can only target provinces and cities", and if you try to launch it at a naval stack from an Elite Bomber or Submarine, guess what.. invalid target. I am yet to try it, but I saw a pattern i…

  • Encirclement Bonus

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    You find yourself walking through a dark, eerie jungle with your fireteam around you. The moonlight shines down upon the ground in a way that you have never seen before. Years of training, of pain and strengthening, and yet the jungle finds a way to make your soul quiver in fear. Everywhere you look, you see shadows. It feels as if this may be your last mission. The unnerving silence is broken by a familiar scream. “Contact!” yells the pointman. You scurry for the nearest cover and identify the …

  • Quote from Fereyd: “Sorry, wrong You can ferry directly. I just tried it... ” A lot of people disagree Perhaps there is a bug that doesn’t allow ferrying in some situations?

  • Aircraft carrier in current state is underwhelming. How would you buff the aircraft carrier?

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “Also there is this eversoon that only gets beaten by Halflife 3 I believe: ” Didn’t you hear? Season 6 was scrapped Season 5: Alyx will be coming out in early December 2021

  • Quote from Teburu: “just because you word it fancy doesnt make it any less a nerf; removing ship dmg and giving it to some other unit still has a negative impact on the unit simply because it decreases the flexibility; just because there is a unit specialized for engaging ships now doesnt mean there is a need to remove ship dmg from mrls by that logic we should remove dmg to ships from all aircraft because there already is a unit specialized for it thus making them obsolete in that regard ” This…

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “ I know! He is SO DESPERATE to have nerf MRLS he is willing to convince himself black is white. He should just learn how to use MRLS and stop complaining. ” If something like the CDS was added, why would the MRLS still need their ship damage? That’s why I don’t see it as a nerf. You take away a feature of the MRL, but that feature just became obsolete anyway because of CDS. Currently the MRL has the ship damage so that it can, in some situations, defend itself from s…

  • Quote from StopThereCowboy: “ Personally, I feel like they should become airborne. Something along the lines of rotary-wing aircraft that can't be hit by MRL. Not only would it give the ships a ton of mobility, but it is also strategic in the sense that you can send whatever sea-bearing vehicle you have to do recon in the air because it's dispensable! Why not send over your turn one corvettes to be UAVs, but better? So now corvettes would be super good early game at doing very little, and then t…

  • Opinions on Armor?

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    Quote from Dealer of Death: “Isn't "armor meta" an oxymoron? ” I guess so, yeah

  • Opinions on Armor?

    Colonel Waffles - - General Discussion


    Call of War addressed this in a very strange way, splitting armor into heavy armor and light armor. Can’t think of anything Dorado could do to change the armor meta without messing with artillery and such

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “Coastal guns would be useless, because navy players would just tick or missile them down. Same goes with CDS/MRL, navy moves quicker than any ground unit, so they can easily out tick you any time. RG are in theory anti-navy, but in practicality, lack of range makes them pretty useless, even more since units need to fully disembark, before they can shoot after air assault. ” Well the concept was more defensive than anything. It’s not for chasing them down, but instead you put…

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “ You have no shame! you will try any sneaky underhanded poop burglary to backdoor sneak in MRLS nerfing. ” If anything, the proposition above would be a buff. MRL ship damage is not utilized too much anyway, and the CDS would be a branch of MRL

  • What are your opinions on the current state of navy in CoN? Are they overpowered? Underpowered? Just right? Many changes have been made in the past to balance navy but it has always been difficult to find balance From my experience, good navy is not consistently countered by anything other than good navy. Cruise missiles, NPA and MRLs can be viable options, but a smart player can easily avoid these with the right stack composition and movements If navy too strong, we could consider taking away M…

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “Quote from Teburu: “Quote from Kalrakh: “As @playbabe pointed out, maybe it works different for missiles, maybe it does not really work as intended. I would really wish to talk with a dev about how AA mechanics are currently working and how they are supposed to be working, because there are many open questions for me. Though they would probably not want to talk with me, because of all these open questions. ” Q: "how does aa currently work?"A: "It just...does" ” Q: "Does it t…

  • Quote from Teburu: “ Q: "how does aa currently work?"A: "It just...does" ” I can live with this

  • AVRO Vulcan

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    Quote from Iron Rooster: “Problem is that they already used the B2 for US stealth bomber. I would replace the SR71 with a Vulcan(check out operation skysheild where they got through twice) and add some other european bomber as the end level bomber ” Yeah but it’s not like the European doctrine doesn’t borrow other units from US Look at the AWACS. Vulcan maybe, but there would have to be even a hint of stealth to not make it fantasy. In World War 3 scenario imported B-2 bomber is far more likely …

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “If often tested it with my choppers, MAA did not shoot, only defended. AA-action can still be triggered before or after the attack by the sweep. ” That’s strange. Are you sure? All the time I see that I have a TDS which has not attacked enemy missile by AA envelope is hit directly by missile The point defense is triggered, and it starts reloading, implying that the attack was also triggered. Maybe it’s different for aircraft and missiles?