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  • Detection system overhaul

    Seele07 - - Suggestions


    I think first the navy must get units with low naval radar sign. In the moment without a naval unit with low radar sign and some units they can detect this signs the system is not complete.

  • The eastern national guard could be named Militia and the European national guard it better called home guard or in German Territorial Heer. Eastern doctrine national guard = militia European doctrine national guard = Territorial Army or home guard Western doctrine national guard is usual in USA

  • Submarines have no radar sign. They can only detected by sonar. I wouldnt give every ship a low radar sign. Only corvettes, frigates and destroyers TIER 3. I think in a normal game you dont research 3 naval units up to tier 3. And there a also cruisers and carriers.

  • ok, in my games there was no other with a naval officer tier 2 or 3. I have it read in the research tree. But without other stealth ships the stealthy naval officer is a bit useless. The air ace tier 3 is stealth and can combined with the other stealth fighters.

  • Some month or years ago, the corvette has no sonar and no CMs on tier 3. But now this unit is a nice coastal defender. combined with frigates a good team. And you must only have naval base 2.

  • We have no ships with low radar sign, but we have some units they can detect low naval radar signs? The submarines, the ASW helicopter and the naval patrol aircraft can detect low radar signs. But there is no naval unit with low radar sign. My suggestion: The modern tier 3 corvettes, frigates and destroyers in real are stealthy. They must get the low naval radar sign. The airsupereior and the strike fighter has allready in the air a low radar sign. And I have also 1 question. How we can detect a…

  • Quote from ewac123: “(Corv. 8.5 DMG Maxed out, Frig 8.0 Dmg maxed out) ” The max. corvette has a range of 75 the max. frigate a range of 100. Also the corvette has only half HP on high sea. In coastal seas the corvette is very useful also against subs. But if you will not only defend your coastline and attack far away from home, you need frigates and destroyers.

  • Update - Patch Notes 2103.16

    Seele07 - - News and Updates


    Quote from Yak: “Added ports to all islands ” The marines now are not very useful. Get they other advantages? May be shorter landing time? More speed on sea? If the marines get these advantages, the amphibious vehicle must also get this. The islands without ports are the reson why I have researched marines. If all islands have ports, I have no reson to research this unit.

  • Special Forces

    Seele07 - - Suggestions


    Quote from Charlie71: “if they are in helicopter so transporting via air, are they still in stealth? ” The SF in helicopters only stealth if there no other aircrafts in sight range. If there are jets or helicopters in sight range in the air they can see and attack you.

  • Special Forces

    Seele07 - - Suggestions


    In the early game there are many recon vehicles. but not all players researched this unit. And in the mid game some players have no (destroyed) or only the few recons from the start units. There are only few players they used SF. I use SF most for recon or to attack aircrafts on the ground. They are also have a normal speed on hostile provinces. And they are faster in jungles, mountains etc. than the other units. Also if you habe too less supplies the SF is an alternative to the recon vehicle, b…

  • Best doctrine...

    Seele07 - - General Discussion


    What I am research depends also on the nation which I played. If I play the USA I need Bombers for the big distances in North America. Also I need Marines to attack all the islands without harbour. I can defend european strike fighters with my better airsuperior fighters. For USA also towed artillery is more interessting than mobile artillery, because I can move it per airlift from level 1.

  • Quote from Capt_Rodgers: “LRSVM Morava (they use Teruel model instead of their based on their profile picture) ” LRSVM Morava is a Serbian rocket launcher. In this game Serbia never will have this launcher, because Serbia has the eastern doctrin and this unit is implement in the european doctrin. If is planned to realize new models, please not this model. The latest version of the MARS is MARS II. This version can also shot cruise missles, which is also implement in this game in the tier 3 rocke…

  • But looking ugly I think first we must have the real units which where build. If we not have enough units for 3 tiers we can use prototypes

  • The tier 2 anti air tank is actuell an Otomatic. But this was only a prototype that was never in the Italian army used. My suggestion tier 2 becomes the Marksman and Tier 3 Mantis on Boxer. This is a really modern anti air tank. With this model the Boxer also is implement in this game. These armoured vehicle is one of the advanced military vehicles and many nations will buy this.…432172b55e9533bae59ccd950

  • Frage hat sich geklärt. Auf dem Handy steht zwar Verladezeit, aber es wird die komplette Zeit mit Flug inklusive ausschiffen im Zielgebiet angezeigt. Die Startzeiten der mit Hubschraubern verlegbaren Einheiten sind alle gleich 1 Minute und ein paar Sekunden. Genauso wie das "anlanden", "ausschiffen" oder wie das im Zielgebiet heißt gleich ist. Nämlich 1 Std.

  • Moin, wenn ich Meine Luftlandetruppen per Smartphone starte dauert es meist über eine Stunde bevor sie in der Luft sind. Wenn ich sie am PC starte brauchen sie ca. 1 Min. Also ich meine nicht die Zeit nach der Landung um ein Gebiet zu erobern, sondern die Zeit vor dem Abflug mit dem Hubschrauber.

  • Ich habe mal vor Jahren einen U-Bootkapitän kennen gelernt, der auf den Booten der Klasse 212A gefahren ist. Die haben an Bord eine Datenbank nur für Geräusche und können darüber so gut wie alle Schiffe identifizieren. Der Vorteil daran ist, dass sie kein aktives Signal senden müssen, was sie verraten könnte.

  • Normaler weise müsste man ja ein Überwasserschiff mit stealth Technologie mit einem U-Boot aufspüren können. Die stealth Technologie bezieht sich doch auf eine extrem verkleinerte Radarsignatur. U-Boote klären aber über Sonar bzw. Geräusche auf.

  • Right, it was more than 2-3 years. I am here since 2016

  • Hi, I saw the corvette has a sonar already. In the begining of this game the corvette had a sonar. Then the sonar was removed and now it is back. Thats a reason for me to build the ship and in combination with the frigate it is a good combination to defend your coasts.