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  • Quote from zneigras: “Just to make sure, let's avoid turning this into a discussion whether mortar or any other feature is OP or not, because it has already been discussed many times and it's not the purpose of this thread. ” b...b..but we haven't had one of these in a while

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “Even in Hearts of Iron 4 not every country has their own research tree and most of those available research trees need to be bought with DLC. Devs can't put so much effort into a game for free, they need to feed their family too and most players still hardly pay a dime to play. ” wait are you really telling me that the devs are actually human? :gasp:

  • Quote from playbabe: “Every thing still apply, you and his team suck so much that he have enough VP to win ” it kinda makes it even worse? like you could just attack him and thus take some of his VP

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Aggressor X: “I suggest you care the milltray units used in research tree and make it so identical in use like in reality for ex in stealthy striker fighter in European doctrine F117 night hawk didn't have ever air to air capabilities and multirole mission Also in cruise missiles there is some cancelled projects included in the research tree Also it will make the game more Interesting and realistic if you give every doctrine more damage points depending on…

  • buy premium

  • >how did my attack chopper stack not kill them? >says u used 4 gunships + 1 officer; not much of an attack heli there? >as always rng is a thing >why took my attack-chopter-stack damage? >Do you mean the gunship stack that you called attack chopper stack or the actual chopper stack? >also ofc they recieve dmg; whatever the def dmg of the stack against helis is >why could the gunship-stack kill them? >you mean the mixed gunship-attackheli stack? >because they did enough HP to reduce the enemies H…

  • Panama and Suez Canal

    Teburu - - Suggestions


    Quote from WalterChang: “Quote from Teburu: “im not an expert by any means but i kinda doubt country X just owning a channel is gonna stop country Y's fleet from getting through there cuz what are they gonna do to enfore that if they have nothing to kill ships lmao ” What you'd do (and what Egypt's President Nasser actually did in the 1950s) is to put large transport ships in the canal and just leave them there. Then, nothing can pass, friend or foe. If you sink the ship that's blocking the cana…

  • >enough VP to win solo >hard work put in by other members if that dude has enough VP to win solo; but your coa hasnt won yet ... and frankly; if i had to choose between going for the solowin and thus deny the oher coas their win or fightinng other coas with some randoms; solo win it is... not really any point in dragging out the game even longer and maybe even loosing when it could be ended and it really isnt a bug lol you're just mad that the dude with the most VP ditched you you even get like …

  • Tipps on Anti-ICBM?

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    theatre defense systems against anything that has more HP than a ballistic missile

  • so you fixed the blackscreen issue.... but can you fix my life? pls

  • you can literally just look into the unit description to find out what unit type a unit counts as; its depicted right next to their name at the top Quote from DerIrrePolterer: “most players i encounter use mixed stacks (gunship/attack-heli) ... is there a special reason? do the do more damage? ” mixed stacks have higher survivability Quote from DerIrrePolterer: “again i encountered a (for me) strange behaviour of the game. Maybe someone has a clue ... i attacked 2 Anti-Tanks (level 5) with a sta…

  • Panama and Suez Canal

    Teburu - - Suggestions


    frankly i just think that suggestion is pretty useless and does not accomplish anything really; - panama is AI in pretty much every gamemode - you would need to introduce extra mechanics just for like 2 channels; if you don't want ppl to get through there then stop them with ships - basically overcomplicating stuff for the sake of "realism" ; im not an expert by any means but i kinda doubt country X just owning a channel is gonna stop country Y's fleet from getting through there cuz what are the…

  • It doesnt have any limit

  • game after time passes

    Teburu - - Off Topic


    Quote from Rozne Eltobliv: “What do you think Conflict of Nations: World War 3 will be like in the upcoming 5 to 10 years ” We write the year 2030 and season 41 just introduced the new elite dinosaurs, whispers talk about a mysterious "Season 6" but are not to be trusted do not ask about season 6, do not think about season 6, there is no season 6, there has never been a season 6. The legacy code has evolved into sentience and Gaul the world is entirely occupied by the Romans AI. Well, not entire…

  • Quote from Kalrakh: “Fix the technical issue, that prevents allies of using your carrier Make them available as Air Assault Host? ” let them fly ! wanna put aircraft carriers on my aircraft carriers

  • Quote from WalterChang: “I wouldn't say that. The only units that can capture territory are infantry. Everything else is essentially for preventing enemy infantry from getting to your cities, and for supporting your own infantry in getting to theirs. Artillery and tanks do it on land, ships do it on the sea and in coastal regions, and aerial units can do a bit of both. If you are trying to protect your coast or assault the enemy coast, nothing is effective against a strong fleet except for an ev…

  • Tbh participating in Stuff organized by other users is usually pretty much hit or miss and often organization tends to be a mess; especially getting ppl to pick countries (and then actually join as the right country) also: favoritism is kinda to be expected when mods are the ones to decide who gets what country; nobody would want Radomdude0815 picking country X when their friend/someone they know is requesting it ... cuz y'know they're only human after all so yeah unless they're already really r…

  • Quote from WalterChang: “None of the other offensive weapons in the game have such limited options of such limited effect for countering them. That's why they feel overpowered in the overall balance of the unit roster, my view. ” none of the other units in the game are so limited in their application and effectivity either tho

  • Quote from Dealer of Death: “Quote from Darth vader 1: “There should be a better way of combating multi accounters and Nazi symbols , in one of my games I just joined now a coalition of multi accounters are acting like Nazis swearing Unfortunately I cannot show the pics ” It still takes me by surprise about the European attitude over these Nazi symbols when I see it. Not because I don't understand it, but rather because it's not anywhere as big a deal in the states, and most people don't pay it …

  • Current state of Naval

    Teburu - - General Discussion


    Quote from playbabe: “also god plz buff ASW heli ship damage. ” instructions unclear; nerfed asw heli again