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  • Quote from Fereyd: “Its a Chat platform. You find it on the CoN Page direct under your playerstats... ” Seems like that room is kinda dead.

  • Quote from Yak: “We have existing channels on the Discord server which are dedicated to roleplay games organized by the community ” What's its Discord? I'd definitely join

  • Quote from War and Peace: “I'm into realism just not in public matches , if I was in a roleplay game I could be pretty realistic, so being in a roleplay game would be great for me too. If you make it, I call Nigeria! ” Unfortunately, I think that games can't be created in CoN, we can just join existing ones.

  • Hello everyone! I've played CoN, CoW and also Supremacy for really long time, but I really miss one thing - the realism. I'm really tired of players, who, on the first day of game, just rush into another country with all their units, leaving their territory empty - without any reasons. I think, all of you know players like this. Or another case - players just spamming weird 'news' into 'The News' section, mostly with horrible grammar. So what I'm searching for is realism - I want to play a game,…