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  • Quote from Crang: “Elite Challenge Match Game ID : 2437222 is not loading for players on both sides ! it has been a few hours now. ” It has actually been down for 5 hours and 21 minutes, for me ( i think for everyone). Can we get someone to reboot our server or whatever is required? @Germanico @Yak

  • Have you tried him on Discord? @Yak You might have to wait until Monday.

  • CoNmunity Championship sign up - July

    Cyclone46 - - Events


    I agree to the rules and would like to play in the July Championship. Cyclone46

  • a) how many resources would you like on this map (22 player world map extra balanced for no-gold-competition) - serious answers only I would shoot for something in the middle. Something proven and worthy of an official match. Neither too generous or too strict. What I care more about in regard to resource balance is bringing the gap closer in homeland Cities. Instead of a range of 10 to 6 cities (per Nation). How about 9 to 7? Also making sure there are enough Electronic, Rares, and Components o…

  • CoNmunity Championship sign up - June

    Cyclone46 - - Events


    Sign me up. /agree to any and all rules.

  • The players of 5 Alliances have come together to create an Alliance Tournament. In this tournament, 5 Alliances will all play vs one another. Once all games are completed we will have play offs based on standings. All games are official challenge matches. We are looking for more Alliances to join us. We are: Legion Carthage Beg For Mercy Graywolf The Rainmen (This tournament is not sponsored by CON or its staff)…RtZW1b9y4iEKli1PiVuY/edit

  • Switched Graywolf and The Rainmen to "Fully Active" These teams will accept any challenge.

  • Wow @Opulon, that is a lot of absorb. And I will certainly come back and read it all and try to understand it. I am assuming your Alliance is more about the role playing aspect and in this sense is larger than the games you play in? I was planning to ask you for a challenge match, but from skimming, I just noticed you clearly said you are not seeking one. But if the time comes when you would like to play an exhibition match, let me know

  • Sure, have them post in this thread and ask to be added. We like to be sure that new Alliances are not just a "flash fire" before adding them. If they play a couple games we will invite them to the CAC as well. Graywolf will have a formal place in the CAC once it completes this match.

  • Added the Alliance, "Graywolf" to the list of Alliances who are active and wanting to play Challenge Matches. Hit them up for membership or for an Alliance Challenge Match.

  • Ranks

    Cyclone46 - - Questions & Answers


    I want to know the answer to this too. However.... unlocking them is part of the fun. This would be like opening your presents before your birthday, then wrapping them back up. It takes some of the fun out of it. I was quite shocked to get a silver bar today after having had a gold one. I suspect that it is a platinum bar and not silver. Wanting to know what comes next is part of the motivation to get there. Lets not spoil the surprise

  • I agree with Alliance leaders being able to have a game classified as unranked. However, I can see problems with this too, so I did not include it. A better solution might be an option where it can be classified as unranked if "ALL" active players in the game were to check the box in the News Feed. In a similar way that public games can be ended.

  • As we work to get more Alliances into the Challenge Match scene, we are discovering more ways that Alliances can manage to get into disputes and be unhappy with the status quo results. These are some ideas that would greatly improve the functionality and fairness of determining when and if a game should count or be deleted. Please consider implementing all of these options and conditions: - If a challenge is not accepted within 7 days, it should "time out" and disappear, generating a loss for no…

  • Small missile issue

    Cyclone46 - - Bug Reports & Issues


    Quote from Opulon: “The thread title was changed ” Oh, I see lol. Odd because I even checked to see if the post said "edited" on it, prior to commenting. I had considered this as a possibility and thought I properly ruled it out

  • Small missile issue

    Cyclone46 - - Bug Reports & Issues


    I am confused now. Because as Opulon said, I thought the damage value was the max value and that the randomness factor worked below that threshold. Also, to be fair to Superchan, He titled the thread "Small Missile Issue". I do not think he meant to be alarmist or suggest it is a big problem. Just my opinion, but I think the most likely scenario is that the missile got chipped by something else in the vicinity. A frig, land based TD, or maybe the new ranged cruiser AA. Also, what level were the …

  • Ok, I'll check it again when i am off work tonight. I'll have to see if it was just one game or not. And also determine that since the blips are no longer clickable, if I merely assumed they are not targetable. The more I think about it, the more likely I think I just made that assumption. It still sounds logical to me that if you can not click on something at all, that you can not target it either. Thanks for the response.

  • Quote from Opulon: “Those new radar blips are perfect. Can't click on them, so they are just visual feedback and i can't "cheat" by calculating "what it is", per the path and shown speed... and best of all... it's sober and discreet. ” When looking at balance from a more broad perspective, the change is going to give too much power to players using gold. We can no longer target the radar blips for direct attack or with missiles. But with golden vision, all can be targeted. Seems to me that this …

  • Alliance Message Notifications

    Cyclone46 - - Suggestions


    @Daloganator We use Discord for Alliance Communication. At first, I really wanted to see them implement a better in game communication tool. But we've discovered that Discord is so good that we now like using it better than anything CON would have come up with. Even the CON staff and Devs use Discord to communicate with each other. Here is an invite to the CON server: Once you have proven that you are serious about challenge matches, we will also give you an invite to the CAC.…

  • Quote from Alat Urka: “I have founded an alliance named "Graywolf" and waited for some time to invite cooperative active players which ı personally watched their games but for now we are just 4 players even if ı am active all days since the beginning Some players played with me some not but ı think most of them will say positive things. So maybe here some players want to join and we finally give it a try. Should ı create a thread besides this info? ” Hi Alat, Yes, please create your own thread t…

  • -Ascendancy has been added to the list. -The Rainmen has been added to the list. -French Legion has been changed to Inactive. -Team Awesome has been changed to Inactive. -Pyrrhus has been removed from the list. Pyrrhus has merged with Beg For Mercy.