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  • We actually just started one! Unfortunately though, we just hit Day 10 and Game Mechanics prevents any new players from joining at this point. If you are interested in RP, I will send you a private message with some information regarding the Roleplayers Union, which is an Alliance that regularly hosts RP Games such as this one as well as training rounds for new members to assess their abilities prior to throwing them into the really sophisticated games.

  • Conventional submarine

    Cptamerica1701 - - Suggestions


    Not a bad idea. Like a Corvette version of a Submarine (for game purposes). They could be cheap, mass produced, coastal defense. Corvettes are nice for coastal defense, but when a larger navy of Destroyers and Cruisers comes in....all it takes is a cruise missile or two and bye-bye Corvettes.

  • Quote from Germanico: “Please read the unit info screen - it tells you precisely. When updating this type of balancing we don’t update older running games cause they could result in bugs or broken strategies. ” This ^ A recent update did change the compliment of planes allowed on Carriers depending on their level, but like Germanico said, it is limited to newer games. If you are running an older game, it could be that there is a plane assigned to the carrier that could be out on patrol somewhere…

  • Map views

    Cptamerica1701 - - Suggestions


    Quote from JCS Darragh: “I have a question about the political view, what the hell does it actually mean? I have no clue what it does or what anything means. ” Political View is just another way to view the map. It displays a clearer picture of country's boarders and what territories are occupied, something that you can't necessarily tell from the standard map view, which displays only who you have Right-of-Way with, who you are at war with, and those nations which have trade embargoes against y…

  • Very excited for this! It should make for some very interesting and engaging games and the perfect battlegrounds for Alliance v. Alliance Matches.

  • As others have pointed out. Tier and Level are two distinct things. While the CM capabilities were removed from Tier 1 Strike Fighters, it remains for Tier 2 & 3. Tiers are indicated by the change in Unit Icons and for Strike Fighters they are currently located at Levels 4 (Tier 2) and Level 6 (Tier 3).

  • Queue problem

    Cptamerica1701 - - Bug Reports & Issues


    Yes, unfortunately you are not the only one to experience it. However, you may be the first to bring it up here on the forums. When a building is damaged, a player is forced to repair it prior to queuing additional levels of that structure.

  • How to leave games?

    Cptamerica1701 - - Questions & Answers


    Make sure to move those games you are no longer involved in to the Archive Section. ( Click the Info Icon " i " in the top right of your game box at the game selector screen. From there you will see an option to either "Play" or "Move to Archive"

  • Quote from TolisHellas: “airplanes and helicopters easiest way of taking them down ” Really, this. If there is a large stack of Artillery and you do not wish for your troops to sustain that much damage, then your best bet would be to attack from the Air with either Strike Fighters or Attack Helicopters.

  • If there are going to be limits on what units may be airlifted and what units cannot, then perhaps it would be easier and make more sense to place the limitations based on Airfield Level. For Example: Level 1 Airbase - Infantry (All Kinds), Recon Vehicles, Mobile AA Level 2 Airbase - AFVs, Amphibious Vehicles, Towed Artillery, Tank Destroyers, Radar, SAMS Level 3 Airbase - Tanks, MLRS, Mobile Artillery, Cruise Missile Launchers Level 4 Airbase - TDS, Ballistic Missile Launchers Airfields - <Same…

  • Counquer

    Cptamerica1701 - - Questions & Answers


    If you invade and completely conquer an active player, that player will get a notification that he has been defeated and will no longer be able to participate in the game in any way,

  • So your unit Hit Points actually went down after moving them into a friendly city that had a Hospital? Are you sure they were not attacked by aircraft or artillery while you weren't looking? Is the friendly city an actual Ally (Military Pact/Coalition) or do you just have a Right-of-Way?

  • Game admin

    Cptamerica1701 - - Questions & Answers


    This is good to know. I had the same issue happen with me in an earlier game and I thought I was missing something since I remember the option to remove inactive players being there. There was also someone asking about it earlier in-game and I didn't know what to tell him. But, all is cleared up now. Thanks Germanico

  • Quote from Germanico: “Guys - it's very simple and I will gladly repeat it for you: Unit stacks add their values. Meaning if you stack 5 frigs you get a very strong AA unit with the downside of also having only one cooldown. This system is a legacy of all previous games - so what we need to do in this case is give it a point defense cooldown to solve this issue. Already noted for prio. //G ” This would be a very interesting feature to see in the game.

  • I'm experiencing the same issues. On the rare times that I am able to get into game, it runs extremely slowly and the "refresh" icon in-game seems to be constantly running.

  • Quote from PineCrafter: “I'm a bit new to this, but could I be South Africa? ” You are welcome to apply. The Application Procedure is described in the original post. Currently, we do not have very many people in Africa, although we are hoping to fill it out soon.

  • Nation List NOTE: Some of these countries may already be assigned to other players. An updated list is maintained on the Discord Server. Also, please be advised that more significant countries will be granted to those with more RP Experience and Dependability due to the fact that the RP can be derailed by a single player who is 1) Inexperienced, 2) Unrealistic, 3) Violates the rules/tech tree, 4) Has periods of inactivity and is not actively engaged in the RP. USA- CptAmerica1701 Russia - Vex00 …

  • 2020 - A Modern Role Play Game qCqo6SzlIYdy7r4F7xbtoYWV9HLlmfhIaumfWuJJE422ZjnMQUSS9GeEOY9YeLqlFbemOW2XyOJjpY3VFhtdUD1C2eZQfYMUubow7yUK0CiHA571JDPX4qimbtg9StR6SQ INTRODUCTION This game is a Geopolitical Roleplay Game. The objective is to create a realistic environment in which each player can play as the leader of their designated country and to consider the long reaching implications of their actions not only within their own country but throughout the international community. There will be no …

  • Coaltion

    Cptamerica1701 - - General Discussion


    As far as I know, there is only one way to "leave" a Coalition. You will need to coordinate with the current leader of the Coalition. Then you will need to go "inactive" from the game. Once you have gone inactive, the leader will have an option to remove you.

  • Coalition

    Cptamerica1701 - - Questions & Answers


    Unfortunately right now you can't remove them unless they have gone inactive. Due to the game mechanics of Coalitions, in their current state, I would advise caution before entering one. Make sure you know the players who you are joining with very well because you will be stuck with them for the rest of the game.